Soldier Story SS033 DEVGRU Gold Team

Parts List:

Set includes:

AOR1 Gen 2 Combat Shirt & Pants
Rigger’s Belt Tan
Duty Belt Tan
Vel Tye HUGGER Soft Side Plate Carrier
Vel Tye LOWVIS MOLLE Chest Rig
TAG MOLLE Shingle Mag 4 Pouch Coyote
Tactical Tailor Multi-Purpose Pouch Coyote
London Bridge Trading LBT6074A SAW Pouch Coyote
London Bridge Trading Arm Map Pouch & Map
2 x Frag Grenade Pouch Coyote
Gemtech Tactical Retention Lanyard Coyote
Pistol Magazine Pouch Coyote
London Bridge Trading Emergency Rappel Kit OD
Bungee Rifle Sling Black
Radio Pouch Coytoe
Eagle Yote Pack Coyote w/Straps
Asolo Hking Boots
Mechanix Gloves Black with Bendy Hands
MICH2000 Helmet (Tan) w/ NVG Mount
Oakley SI-A Goggles
Sordin Headset w/Boom Mic and MBITR Radio
HK416 w/10in Barrel
M4 Magazines & 9mm Magazines
SERPA MOLLE Mount Holster Coyote
Sig 226 9mm Pistol
2 x Mk141 Flashbang Grenade
2 x Smoke Grenade
2 x ASP Flex Cuffs
2 x Zip Ties
4 x Chemlights
4 x Short Chemlights
Hydration Tube
S2 Body