Soldier Story SS036 US Army 10th Special Forces Group

Part List:

ACU Pattern Multicam Uniform w/Riggers Belt
Coyote T Shirt
Coyote Eagle Plate Carrier
4 x shoulder Pads
2 x Deltoid Protectors to hold the armor plates
2 x Hip Pockets to hold the armor plates
1 x Groin Protector to hold the armor plate
2 x elastic armband straps
4 x MOLLE armband straps
1 x Cummerbund back holder
1 x Cummerbund front holder
1 x Cummerbund (use with plate carrier only)
1x full color instruction sheet with drawing and description
Coyote SFLCS Shoot Kit Belt
Coyote SFLCS Subload Pouch
Coyote SFLCS Hydration Pouch
Coyote SFLCS Pistol Magazine Pouch *2
Coyote SFLCS Grenade Pouch *2
Coyote SFLCS Double M4Magazine Pouch
Coyote SFLCS DA Triple M4 Magazine Pouch
Coyote Radio pouch
Coyote SFLCS 40mm Grenade Pouch Triple *2
Coyote SFLCS 200 Round SAW Pouch
Coyote SFLCS Canteen/General Purpose pouch
Danner Desert Boots
Mechanix Camo Gloves
AWS Emergency Rappel Kit
MICH 2002Helmet
MICH Night Vision Mount
COMTAC II Headset w/Mic
M4+M203 Rifle w/EO Tech 551 + PEQ15
Magpul P Mag M4 Magazine * 8
40mm Grenade (Metal and Plastic) *6
CQC 1911w/SERPA Holster
1911 Pistol Magazine * 4
Flashbang *2
Short Chemlights *6
Arc’teryx Knee Caps
Hydration Tube
Helmet Flashlight w/Clamp
Gerber Knife
Frag Grenade *2
Pen *2
Surefire Helmet Light w/MOLLE Mount