Soldier Story SS037 CIA Night Ops V2.0

Probably good to know that this figure was released with two different kind of vests. If you are unlucky, you’ll end up with this version without second holster.

Some of the early Soldier Story releases were versions done for Caltek. They also had a few limited edition ones with different parts they never show on their website, like the alternate version of the PMC instructor figure. Very Hot copied the same vest on one of their Seal CQB figures I think it was, I can’t recall if it was the shotgun version or the holster version that they ended up copying.

Who’s ready for a stupid question?

I was looking at my SS G36C, and I remembered that I never figured out how to install optics on the rail properly. I just snapped the Aimpoint optic from SS104 onto the rail, damaging the rail slightly in the process (the optic hides the damage). Do either of the iron sights come off allowing optics to be slid onto the rail? I couldn’t figure out how to remove either one.

Apparently, they’re both glued to the rail with mine. Only way to attach the 552 was aligning it in an angled position with one side of the rail, then pressing down the other side of the sight and let it snap on the rail, like you did.
You could try to remove the rear sight with force, but…

Thanks, I kind of figured that was the case. Old Soldier Story stuff is pretty crude in comparison to today’s standard.

Usually what I do with ones like this is just file down the underside ears that grab the rail to get a slip on fitment then use a double sided adhesive to hold. Works well for some of the weapons where the rail dimensions are off spec. Some of the older Soldier Story pieces used the peg mounts as well which can be a pain. The one thing I’ll say about some of the older pieces is at least the plastic felt of decent quality compared to some of what we get now.

I have checked this Problem on my G36 and it is not possible to get anything on that rail. The iron sights are not removeable. I have use force but tbey do not move. I think they are glued or molded on the rail. Only chance to get an optic on the rail is to cut the inside of it (for example an Eotech) and glue it to the rail or tape.