Soldier Story SS066 USMC 2nd Marine Expeditionary Battalion in Afghanistan



.Woodland Marpat Boonie Hat
.Woodland Marpat Helmet Cover
.Cat Eye Bands
.Woodland Marpat FROG Shirt
.Woodland Marpat FROG Pants
.FSBE II Shoot Kit Belt
.SPC Vest (MTV Cummerbund)
.TAP Chest Rig
.MOLLE II Grenade Pouch *2
.MOLLE II 100rd S.A.W. Pouch
.MOLLE II Waist Pack
.M127A Signal Flare Pouch
.Dump Pouch
.IFAK Pouch
.DA Triple M4 Mag pouch
.Talon Backpack With Tube
.Combat Knife Carry
.Rifle sling
.15650 Boots

.LWH Helmet
.NVG Mount
.M Frame 2.0 Sunglass
.USMC Issue Googles With Cover
.AN/PRC 153 Radio
.USMC Combat Knife
.MK12 MOD1 Special Purpose Rifle
.Front Sight
.Rear Sight
.Push-Button Swivel & MWS Forend Rail Mount
.30rd P-MAG *6+1
.M3 15-23cm Tripod
.RAS Raid Covers *4
.Squad Advanced Marksman Rifle Kit
.M67 Grenade *2
.M127A Signal Flare (Metal)
.MK18 Smoke Grenade
.Handcuffs *2
.Carabiner(Metal) *2
.Metal Line Hands
.S2 Body
.Bare Feet Short Connected *1 pair
.Leg Kit