Soldier Story SS068 US Army in Afghanistan M249 Gunner


.Camouflage Net
.Cat Eye Bands
.OCP Helmet Cover
.OCP ACU Combat Shirt
.OCP ACU Combat Pants
.Army T-Shirt
.Khaki Belt
.OCP Soc Belt
.OCP pistol Mag Pouch
.OCP Empty Pouch
.OCP 200rd S.A.W. Pouch *2
.OCP 100rd S.A.W. Pouch
.OCP M4 Doulbe Mag Pouch *3
.OCP Direct Action Triple M4 Mag pouch
.OCP Smoke Grenade Pouch
.OCP Grenade Pouch *2
.OCP Flashbang Pouch *2
.OCP Medic Pouch
.OCP PRC-152 Radio Pouch
.RG 3D Assault Pack With Fabric Tube
.OCP Knee Pads
.43153X Combat Boots
.Combat Application Tourniquet
.BK Machine Gun Sling
.M249 S.A.W. 100rd Nut Sack

.MICH 2000 Helmet
.NVG Mount
.PSQ-20 Night Vison Goggles
.PSQ-20 Battery Case
.SF Helmet Light Set
.Monster Dog Sunglasses
.PRC-152 Radio
.Urban Speaker Micrphone
.M67 Grenade *2
.M64 Flashbang
.Flashbang Grenade
.MK18 Smoke Grenade
.Chen Bio Reservor 4.0 With Tube
.EMT Scissors
.MS2000 Strobe Lihgt
.“G”" Buckle
.CQC M9 Holster
.CQC MOLLE Holster Mount
.M249 S.A.W. Machine Gun (Metal & Plastics)
.Collapsible Stock
.30rd 5.56 Chain *2
.M249 S.A.W. 200rd Ammobox(BK) *2
.M249 S.A.W. 200rd Ammobox(OD) *2
.M249 S.A.W. 100rd Ammobox
.P-Mag *4
.M9 Pistol
.M9 Pistol Mag *1+1
.M145 M145 Optical Sight
.M145 M145 Optical Sight Filter
.M962 Gun Lihgt

.“M” Gloves Set
.S2 Body And Headsculpture
.Leg kit

I’m interested in obtaining this figure. I know that it is an older release but what are your opinions on it, if you have it in the collection?

I’m curious to hear if it is worth picking up or if it has been replaced by a newer figure. I particularly like the OCP uniform and gear as well as the M249.

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I have this one and the quality stands up to current releases, I highly recommended it. Around the same time Crazy Dummy also released a similar SAW gunner and he is great, too.

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Thank you for your opinion, fresheddiefresh.

I may just pick him up.

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