MICH 2000 Helmet (/w US Flag printed at the back)
ACH 4-point chin straps
ESS tactical goggles
ESS ballistic glasses (clear ver.)
Black balaclava
NYPD ESU officer cap

Modern NYPD officer life live head sculpt

Bare Hand (1 Pair)
Bare Feet (1 Pair)

ESU tactical shirt (long sleeve /w NYPD ESU patches)
ESU logo blue T-shirt
ESU tactical pants
Inner short pants
Danner tactical boots (sewing / nylon & leather ver.)

Paraclete RAV tactical armor vest
Paraclete RAV cummerbund (1 pair)
Paraclete shoulder armor (1 pair)
Paraclete groin armor
Paraclete collar and throat armor
Paraclete shoulder pad (1 pair)
Double MP5 9mm molle pouch
Paraclete double M4 magazine molle pouch
Paraclete radio molle pouch
Gerber multi-tools pocket
Blackhawk admin molle pouch
Blackhawk utility molle pouch
North American rescue medic pouch
NYPD leather double 9mm magazine pouch
NYPD leather radio pouch (detachable / rotated feature)
Radio pouch adaptor belt loop
NYPD handcuffs pouch
Handcuffs key (metal)
Handcuffs (metal)
Tactical belt
Cable tie x 4
EMT Scissors (blue)
Multi- tools
Combat knee pad (1 pair)
Retactable Key holder
Key set
Leather belt loop keychain
Female side release buckle belt loop
D-ring belt loop
Ball pen (red)
Expendable baton
Rotated baton holder
Blackhawk hallagan tool
Blackhawk bolt cutter
Blackhawk thundersledge
Blackhawk entry tools backpack panel
Weapon gloved hand (1 pair)
Suunto watch (yellow)

Glock19 9mm pistol
Glock19 9mm magazine x 3
Model 6004 ESU exclusive tactical holster (/w magnetic flap cover)
MP5A5 9mm sub-machine gun
Surefire MP5 fore grip tactical light
Aimpoint comp M4 red dot sight
MP5 9mm magazine x 4
MP5 3 point sling
INTRUDER tactical shield (/w LED dual lighting feature)
AG10 button cell x 2

Motorola SSE5000 radio
Motorola radio antenna
Thales speaker mic (/w motorola radio connector)
Speaker mic earphone

US flag embroidered velcro patch (subdued) x 2
“POLICE” embroidered velcro patch x 2
O POS NKDA embroidered flag velcro patch
“NYPD POLICE” embroidered velcro patch

Exclusive NYPD logo figure stand & name plate

Three new announcements from SS and all are great. Next year will be expensive for me.

Edit: After a second look I spotted a G19 without silencer application.
In general the whole gear offers a lot and is better than the older DID SWAT and the BBI Chuck Norris Sheriff combined.

Shipping date will be announced next week.

Yeah, looks good, too.

(Bad guy in objective): "Do you hear that? Sounds like keys…(grabs carbine)…

Pardon my French, but fuck me. They’re shipping next week. How comes all police figures I wanted are released within a few months this year? :smile:

My wallet hurts really bad.

@AdamC You getting this?

Yes I’ll have some coming in. Should ship out next week.

Should be here Monday or Tuesday so long as nobody from New York shows up at the door. Fingers crossed they’ve executed better with this one.

Quality control :-1:

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As an advice for people who might want to or bought this one already. Don’t pose your SS100 and SS101 figures with the goggles wrapped around the helmet like in the pic below. The new softer material they are using now tends to become sticky and the goggles attach to the helmet and are leaving marks.

Sounds like he same paint chemical interaction issue with the MC FSB guy and the radio port that I mentioned. This release is just one issue after another. With softer rubber-like materials it might be an idea to put another material between their surface and the paint.

Seems like they don’t really learn/test their product. Reminds me of the ES scopes/magnifiers you mentioned. I was actually fine with the way how they produced their former goggles. No need to change.

Available at the same time as his friend SS101, Bravo Soldier Story, two beautiful figures, with lots of equipment and accessories …