Soldier Story SS104 Kommando Spezialkräfte Marine VBSS

Ops core fast ballistic helmet
Ops core fast helmet strap system
German desert flecktarn Ops core helmet cover w/ NVG battery pack pouch
Ops Core NVG mount base
Wilcox GSGM ground spec goggle mount
GPNVG-18 battery pack
GPNVG-18 green LED module (1 pair)
GPNVG-18 protective cover (1 pair)
MS-2000 strobe
Oakley SI ballistic M-frame
Flame resistant hood (orange-brown color)

Modern German kommando life live head sculpt

Bare Hand (1 Pair)
Bare Feet (1 Pair)

Lindnerhof desert flecktarn underway combat shirt
Lindnerhof desert flecktarn underway combat pants
Lindnerhof combat knee pad (1 pair)
Brown T-shirt
Meindl Glockner MFS boot (1 pair, sewing)

Lindnerhof Plate Carrier V.
Lindnerhof 2 Liter Hydration pouch tube w/ snow fabric cover
Hydration tube w/ black taped
Lindnerhof drop bag Gen. II
Lindnerhof desert flecktarn single mag. pouch x3
Lindnerhof flecktarn single mag. pouch
Lindnerhof admin panel
Lindnerhof trauma kit
Lindnerhof DM51 hand grenade pouch
Lindnerhof double 40mm pouch (for MK13 flash bang)
Lindnerhof 9mm double pistol mag. pouch
Zentauron tactical tourniquet pouch
Zentauron tactical trauma pouch
Zentauron tactical radio pouch
Tactical gunfighter molle belt
CQB / Rigger’s belt
Multi- tools pouch
Hard armor plate x2
DM51 hand grenade
MK13 Mod 0 BTV-EL Flash Bang x2
ASP Tri - fold plastic handcuffs
Light stick (red) x2
S&S Precision V-Lite
C-A-T tourniquet x2
Suunto watch
Oakley tactical gloved weapon hand (1 pair)

Glock 17 9mm pistol
G-17 9mm pistol magazine x3
Tactical pistol lanyard
G-Code RTI DUTY mount kydex belt-slide
Blackhawk SERPA CQC G17 Holster
G36K-IdZ assault rifle
G36 sight Rail /w front & rear flip up sights
G36 extended bottom rail
G36 tri rail set
G36 Convex Folding Stock Adjustable Stock
G36 30rd magazine x5
KAC NT4 sound suppressor
LLM01 (Laser Light Module 01)
LLM01 remote pressure switch
KAC foregrip
VTAC padded rifle sling
Aimpoint M2 /w outer rubber cover & flip up lens covers
Aimpoint M2 QD lever mount

PRC 148 MBITR Tactical Radio
PRC-148 MBITR broadband antenna

Full color German flag patch with hook velcro x2
Subdued German Bundeswehr flag with hook velcro
+A+ patch with hook velcro

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According to their facebook post this is expected to be available in June…

June is fine for my wallet :sweat_smile:

How long will these LED lights in the NVG actually last? Where are the batteries located? Can you swap them?

DAMmit! I really like this guy, but they are popping out Germans like DML has infiltrated them. How about a Canadian, and some other nation’s SOFs and troops ?

I know It’s fruitless to follow discussions about issues like the G36 in German service, but these keep surfacing on figures. I like the look of this one, and there are ref pics, but it seems like there is more to the whole matter. No doubt, money is involved, be it competition, or German military funding.

Good question. I’m wondering if they mounted the battery in the rear battery pack or the GPNVG body. With most figures the batteries are often replaceable.

G36 is the official zombie rifle of the military world. It refuses to stay dead.

That would make sense.

Release date set for September.

This was actually expected around Dec 2017. Then they pushed it to June 2018. Now it looks like it was delayed due to the two ESU and the Expo figure again.

No big deal to me. I really don’t care too much for this one for some reason.

Odd given the ESU figures were announced several months after the KSM figure. At least they have been more active of late announcing products so that is encouraging.

Hey @AdamC, how has this figure fared in terms of QC?

Thankfully better than the NYPD figures. Still some sloppiness in QC in terms of finishing that you don’t really want to see at this price point but hopefully an indicator of what to expect when they aren’t rushing things out the door with 2-3 figures at once. Nothing consistently wrong with a particular item, although they are well behind DAM on assembling boots. No weird surprises like them putting saran wrap around a body to hold it together.

G36’s don’t have major faults like some of the recent releases, but perhaps to be expected since they have done quite a few G36 variants. Barrels aren’t glued in which is always preferred. The light up NVG is quite neat, the housing is a bit sensitive to the positioning of the batteries, probably due to how it is powered with the contacts, but adjusting the positioning of the batteries slightly fixes that.

If I had to summarize where each of the main modern military brands are at based on product released this year and last:

  • Soldier Story: My main issue remains that when they have a QC issue with any item, it is very obvious and visible, which makes you wonder if they have a process in place when things of the sort get missed. They would benefit from revisiting that with their OEM given prices increases. The design of everything is usually good, but that finishing touch in assembly has been lacking of late. They are still building in more detail than DAM (ie actual zippers on pants rather than DAM’s fake zipper and two unzipped portions of teeth that make it look a broken zipper) but it’s frustrating when that amazing detail is rendered useless because someone randomly puts glue where glue isn’t supposed to be, often on a piece that may not even use glue. After years of issues with misplaced glue they really should have this sorted out. Easily the worst major brand I have seen for this, military or otherwise. Of the three, you run the greatest risk of golden sample preorder photos with Soldier Story. Oh yeah, the mooncake packaging sucks and increases costs unnecessarily, and with the way they get packed in a master carton/case it leaves every box open for dings. With all that said, you still get the best value in terms of unique parts per figure. Ditch the fancy pants box, charge $10 more and put in a QC process with the savings.

  • Easy Simple: Compared to rivals, Easy Simple is mostly without issue their product production-wise. Some items could be a bit more robust or designed slightly better but relatively rare to see glaring issues in QC. Across all of the product I’ve had come in I’ve had a grand total of 1 head sculpt that has paint app issues. To contrast with the other brands, I’d be happy if I could get that same result on a per release basis. Areas like the boots and hands have been a complaint since release, but at least the paint application has improved and you can see gradual refinements in materials and designs addressing past issues. Sometimes it is a case of two steps forward, one step back, as with their new body designs. Joints are greatly improved but they switched away from standard hot toys neck peg and foot peg sizing. Too many repeated parts or sparse loadouts are an issue but what you see is what you get in terms of preorder photos and the finished product. No golden samples, no one offs by a master painter. Of the the three you get the sense they are the most eager to improve their product.

  • DAM: Seeing too many issues with paint apps on their heads over the last year. Not just the rubs in the usual nose spot like you expect, but patches of missing paint and heads with defects that nobody in QC would pass. Weapon assembly also leaves something to be desired but they haven’t made major gaffes like Soldier Story and don’t fall apart when you look at them. Other areas like boots, bodies, and hands they are far ahead of the others. Their cloth boots in particular are always well executed and rarely have issues with misplaced glue or bits falling off. I’ve had maybe one bad body in the last few years since they retooled all their body designs to have tighter joints. The rushed production issues are frustrating as they are otherwise quite consistent with the quality of the items, if only because they reuse the same parts over and over. I’d like to see them reign in their ambitions and get back to consistently making a near flawless product. It’s a pain point for the military collector as we are effectively paying for their experiments in other categories as DAM was the first to jack up prices, and not by a small amount.

Great write-up Adam. By chance are you bringing in any of the KSM figures? Just want a loose G36 is all.

Already here. I’ll shoot you a PM.

Came across this rifle and did a quick disassembly. I realized spending more time on tracking down items, gives you less time to actually value your collection and come across all the details and functions.

Charging handle shows some resistance, so I left it inside.


Nice job Christoph! Did not know that it was this detailed.