Soldier Story SS105 Iraq Special Operations Forces ISOF



MICH 2000 Helmet (/w skull painted at the back)
ACH Helmet side rail (1 pair)
ACH 4-point chin straps
NVD mounting brackets
PVS14 NVG arm
MS2000 strobe light
Surefire helmet light
Skull face mask
White/black Arab shemagh head scarf

Modern ISOF life live head sculpt

Bare Hand (1 Pair)
Bare Feet (1 Pair)

ISOF black tactical shirt
ISOF shoulder rank sleeve (1 pair)
ISOF black T-shirt
ISOF black tactical pants
Inner vest
Rigger belt
Merrell hiking boots (sewing)

BAE System RBAV armor vest
Double smoke grenade molle pouch x 2
Triple M4/9mm molle magazine pouch x 3
Utility pouch
Tactical tailor quad M203 40mm pouch
Medic molle pouch
Blackhawk radio molle pouch
Paraclete grenade molle pouch x3
Tactical tailor drop leg dump pouch
Weapon catch
Shot shell holder x 2
Cable tie x 2
EMT Scissors (yellow)
Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T)
Tourniquet rubber band
Light stick (red) x 3
Multi- tools
M67 Hand grenade x 3
Iraq training smoke grenade x 4
Combat knee pad (1 pair)
Key / keyring set
Tactical belt
Safety lanyard
Skeleton glove (sewing / 1 pair)
Suunto watch

M92F 9mm pistol
M92F 9mm magazine x 4
M92F Pistol safety lanyard
Model 6004 Tactical holster
LAR-15 5.56mm self-loading rifle /w 14.5 barrel
5.56mm magazine x 10
KAC rail
M203 grenade launcher (/w metal barrel)
M433 High explosive x 3
M433 training
M-203 front sight
Aimpoint comp M4 red dot sight
PEQ2 laser point
Surfire weapon light
Weapon sling
M1014 Tactical shotgun
Tactical shogun lanyard
Shot shell (red) x 3
Shot shell (grey) x 3

PRC-152 tactical radio
PRC-152 radio antenna
Harris PRC-152 tactical headset (/w PTT switch)

ISOF embroidered velcro name patch
IRAQ/ISOF embroidered Flag velcro patch (long shape)
IRAQ embroidered flag velcro patch (long shape)
IRAQ embroidered flag velcro patch (standard)
ISOF embroidered CT round velcro patch
ISOF embroidered Gold division patch
ISOF embroidered SF velcro patch x 2
ISOF embroidered wing velcro patch
ISOF embroidered commando school velcro patch
ISOF embroidered unit velcro patch

Exclusive ISOF skull printed figure stand & name plate


Great pick by SS. I will display it on a mannequin.


Yeah, like this one a lot. Definite buy for me.


@AdamC You bringing this in?


Yes I’ll have some coming in.


I’ll buy a boxed figure from you Adam if you have one to sell. Think I also want the M4/203 and definitely the M1014 loose as well.


Should be no problem.


I’ll need two Benelli M4s, either through the combo of boxed figure + one loose, or just two loose ones.

This figure probably won’t be released for at least another half year, correct?


Guys, please leave some parts for me as well :grin:


I just figure I’d put what I want in the thread so maybe it helps Adam know how many boxed figures to buy. Just glad Adam is so accommodating as well. :smiley:


Any sort of feedback helps. If there is ever a shortage we can always introduce a cage fight plugin for the forum. :laughing:

This one was due for Q2, but they have been a bit…slow of late.


lol, well I was a huge fan of MMA so hopefully that’ll give me the edge I need. :grin:

Hasn’t the SS KSM figure been released yet? I think that is the first in line then the ISOF. SS needs to pick up the pace a little bit.


I didn’t even receive my SS103 :no_mouth:

MMA is fine to me :smile:


Shipping soon


Oh hell yes. Bring on that Benelli, and let it be free of QC issues.


YES, great news. I love this Figure.


It’s about time. Geez.


While I am not a fan of the complete package, the lot of all the parts is amazing for some serious kitbashing fodder. Worth it to buy the whole figure just for the bits.

Has there been any mention of a MSRP on this one yet?


Should be around ~$170.


It looks like it’s a new box format, I ordered it on ebay, and I’m waiting for it to be sent. It seems pretty well done.