Soldier Story SS105 Iraq Special Operations Forces ISOF



It’s smaller now. Didn’t notice as I didn’t buy the whole set. Same as Easy Simple is doing. Might be cheaper to ship.
@krisbe511 Image is from your Facebook conversation


Yes I confirm. They are less wide. The old ones are 33X35 cm, the one is 25x35 cm. Actually, can be a saving on the shipping weight. :wink:


It was definitely done for that purpose, the new master cartons have a lower volumetric weight now where as their previous ones were ridiculous and had a very high volumetric weight. The downside is they stack the figure boxes in two columns of three which means a lot more dinged boxes. Doesn’t bother me personally but I know some people are fussy about their boxes.


Need to make two remarks about this one:

Firstly, I am disappointed that only one out of the dozen patches has male velcro. The others are having sticky tape appplied.

Secondly, how to operate and open the M203? I managed to open the mechanism at the barrel, but didn’t get to open the barrel or remove it from the rifle.


I can show you next time how to do. Otherwise you have to turn the round ring until the locking mechanism will give free the barrel. Then you can push the complete forepart (barrel+M203) out of the receiver (step 2). Next step is to take off the ring (part 3)and top cover (part 4). Just push it to the right and it will fall off. The M203 can be taken off by open the lock at the front at the barrel (step 6). The back of the M203 is just snaped on the barrel. Push it a little bit away from the barrel. That is all.

Hope this helps :wink:


The SS064 set. Should help, thanks!

Any advice on opening the barrel? I only managed to open it a few millimeters. Any mechanism you need to operate first in order to push the barrel forward?


They can get stuck. As long as the barrel latch is depressed, you should be able to work it forward.

I didn’t bother opening up my SS105 M203, there’s no way to tell if a grenade is loaded or not. And I didn’t want to risk breaking anything.

I say that, but I’ve opened my other SS M203s…


Sorry, but what means barrel latch depressed? This is where my English ends.


There is no locking mechanism for the launcher tube. It should work by pressing it to the front.
If the barrel not slide than i would highly recommend to remove the complete launcher from the rifle to get a better grib and to protect the rifle to get damaged or broken.


On the left side of the launcher is a button/lever that must be pushed in to unlock the barrel and allow it to slide forward.

Though like I said, I have not done this to my SS105 M203, so I don’t know if the camo paint might be gumming it up.

Personally, I’d leave it as is. It’s not worth breaking the launcher just to open it, and you don’t lose any functionality by not loading a grenade in since you can’t tell if it’s loaded or not.


Thanks for sharing this. Had same issue. Also had magazine wobble/fall out issues, which not encountered on any rifle in a while.

1st figure in a while disappointed with overall finish. Chpo agree with badges comments, had to get my own micro Velcro out and do the job right.

For me soldier story slipped down the league, look at parts only in future. Unless they do a must have figure.


Loose magwells have been getting more common these days as companies keep reusing the same ammo molds with new rifle molds. I think of the last 10 rifles I assembled, almost all of them needed double sided adhesive for the optics or the magwells, and more often than not, both.

Overall quality control was better on this release compared to previous, but they have fallen back quite a bit. Not a fan of the adhesive patches either as their OEM has a track record of using glue that fails and turns into an oily mess. Hopefullly this and the NYPD patches aren’t a new thing for them.


@Col.Braddock Need to show me when I deliver your parts, in case you managed to open it!

@Scrib I operated that lever already, but wasn’t sure about the function and afraid to break sth. Guess you are right, rather be cautious.


Will do that too!


Speaking of micro velcro does anyone happen to know a 3m part number for something close to our scale? Would be nice to have something to replace that god awful velcro we sometimes get that never shuts.


I use these things (hope image worked just copy pasted). Not ideal as oval shaped would like a strip, I could cut down as I liked.

Like you searching for any industry standard for this stuff came up blank. I just googled “super micro velcro” and these came up. Bought em…they are good. Nice and slim. Stick down well on all backpacks/uniforms/helmets to date. Very happy…just pain they are small oval shape.
Available in white or black. white good u can tint/paint them washed them with games workshop/Vallejo wash - brown/greens. Black, well straight forward.


Good to know these are usable. Half the trouble is nobody ever publishes what thickness their product is or what thickness a “micro” velcro size would be. Had another look through the 3M industrial stuff, the thinnest seems to be SJ3506 hook with the mating SJ3507 loop. Their engaged thickness is listed at 0.84mm. I might grab some of that to try out.