Soldier Story SS106 Medal of Honor Navy Seal Voodoo

Ops Core FAST Maritime ballistic helmet (AOR1 pattern hydro dip)
Wilcox L4 G19 mount /w horn
GPNVG18 night vision goggles (LED ver.)
LED light module (battery box) x 2
AG1 battery x 4
GPNVG18 battery box
GPNVG18 lens cover x 2
Contour HD helmet camera
Princeton Tec MPLS rail light
S&S Manta strobe
S&S V-LITE (red)
S&S V-LITE (blue)
Kaenon sunglasses (smoke lens)

Life live Medal Of Honor Voodoo headsculpt

Weapon holding bare hand (1 Pair)
Relaxed bare hand (1 Pair)
Bare Feet (1 Pair)

Crye Precision Navy custom G3 combat shirt (sleeves cut)
Crye Precision Navy custom combat shirt
Crye Precision knee pad (1 pair)
Brown T-shirt
Inner vest
CQB/Rigger’s belt
Merrell hiking boots (sewing)
Black/Tan shemagh desert scarf

LBT AOR1 6094K M4 front panel
LBT AOR1 6094A back panel
LBT AOR1 6094 shoulder pads (1 pair)
LBT AOR1 6094 Cummerbund
EI AOR1 hand grenade pouch
S&S AOR1 vertical tourniquet pouch
S&S AOR1 tourniquet
LBT AOR1 NVG pouch
LBT AOR1 NVG pouch (medic pouch custom)
LBT AOR1 hydro carrier
EI AOR1 charge pouch
EI AOR1 canteen pouch
EI AOR1 Double 9mm pouch
EI AOR1 Leg panel
EI AOR1 40mm pouch x 6
Crye AOR1 small utility pouch
Crye AOR1 40mm pouch
LBT 9022b AOR1 medic pouch
Armor plate x 2
Yates Gear personal retention lanyard w/ Kong clip
M67 hand grenade
MK13 MOD 0 flash bang X 2
Tactical light stick (short) x 3
Tactical light stick (red / long)
Trauma shear (blue)
Rite in rain note book (tan)
Garmin foretrex 101 GPS /w wristband
Tactical bolt cutters /w AOR1 camo spray & grip tape
Plastic handcuffs x 3
Carabiner (small)
Carabiner (large)
Explosive breaching charge
Hydration drink tube
Hydration drink tube cover
Yellow ball pen
Waterproof pen
SOG Voodoo hawk
SOG Voodoo hawk sheath
Winkler belt knife
Winkler knife sheath
Water bottle
C-A-T combat application tourniquet
Tactical gloved weapon hand (1 pair)
MK54 MOD0 Firing device hand held
G-shock watch

PRC148 tactical radio
PRC148 extension cable
PRC148 blade antenna
Atlantic signal dominator II headset
Atlantic signal dominator II PTT box

FN MK17 MOD0 7.62 rifle (AOR1 camo spray)
FN MK17 MOD0 front / rear iron sight
FN MK17 rifle magazine x4
FNH ECP flash hider
FN MK17 suppressor
FN EGLM grenade launcher (AOR1 camo spray)
Insight SU-233 weapon light
Insight dual pressure switch
Elcan specter dr 1.5X / 6X
LA5/ PEQ laser pointer
40mm M433 grenade x 3
40mm White star
40mm training round
LBT AOR1 wide pad rifle sling
SIG P226R 9mm pistol (AOR1 camo spray)
AAC Evolution 9mm suppressor (AOR1 camo spray)
SIG P226 9mm pistol magazine x2
LBT AOR1 0372L holster

MOH Tier one velcro patch
96XKCall sign velcro patch
GK1 AOR1 call sign velcro patch
Punisher round velcro patch
IR US black/tan velcro patch
IR US black/green velcro patch
NRA membership velcro patch
Don’t tread on me AOR1 velcro patch

MOH warfighter “VOODOO” exclusive figure stand

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Finally that SCAR with EGLM from SS. EA is wank, but who cares. I want that rifle.

Now bring a GROM next.

That one finished in the bottom three in polling but someone needs to get a Grom figure out there. It is a shame Soldier Story didn’t take more advantage of the license earlier as it would have helped them get ahead of the curve on recent trends. Overall whether it is licensed or not, brands should pay more attention to the trends in video games and capitalize on them. Much bigger audience that they can leverage there, like Hot Toys has done with movies. Ubisoft has figured out how to ride the tactical/military wave and we saw some good stuff come from DAM via VTS from that. Gives any brand an excuse to get out of that reference photo rigidity while giving enough structure to avoid some of the more unfortunate mishaps that happen with other adventurous choices in figures.

What poll was that and who finished on top?

I wish the SCAR didn’t have the camo paintjob, but seeing as I apparently collect AOR1-painted weapons now… sigh One rifle set please, Adam.

Although I could walk that back. I’ve seen a lot of praise for E&S’s AOR1 on their MP7A1 and HK416. How does the AOR1 on these promo pictures stack up? I know the finished product is all that matters, but I’m still curious.

I see… Wonder why none is up for a change. I mean by now we have enough Alfas. US forces anyway. But that poll looks to be targeted at Chinese, so probably SS sticks to their taste.

Looks more refined than their previous efforts with better coloration. Always hard to say until you see one in hand since it is always hard to get an idea how close a digital picture is to in hand color appearance. The ES ones were better than their previous efforts which were too orange in tone or had a very sharp/unnatural pattern. Here are some various models to give some idea:

Easy Simple

Soldier Story

It is from 2015 after all. I can’t think of any brand that communicates well with their customers outside of China, but at least they are all slowly edging their way onto facebook which is encouraging.

Well then, keep me down for one rifle set conditional on how accurate the AOR1 is.

Adam, were you the one who referred to SS’s old AOR1 pattern as “baby puke” on OSW or am I thinking of someone else?

I can’t recall saying that about the Soldier Story one, but I recall at one point saying the old DAM color looked like baby food. We’ve seen quite a variety of colors for AOR1 over the years, and I suspect that has been down to brands using airsoft gear as reference. There has only been one airsoft brand that has managed to steal away some original Crye Material in the past, so alot of it depends on tracking down surplus Crye/LBT gear for reference.

Uhm, I for one am really down for this one. I like pretty much everything about it. Full box buy for me.

Good to see Soldier Story alive and kicking but I for one will be skipping this release. It’s a little late to the party and I had already picked up 3 similar figures within 4 months. So I am Devgru’ed out. I may pick up a couple loose items but that’s about it.

Yeah we have had a few AOR1 options over the last bit between ES and DAM. For me the pistol set and plate carrier would be worth grabbing some spares. AOR1 gear tends to come and go in waves but ends up being a royal pain to find once that wave is over.

The S2.5 body looks just great with the arm hair etc.

@AdamC How can SS offer so much quality for the same price as other brands?


You had it once and I didn’t buy :no_mouth:

Comparing MSRPs is a bit tricky. For example the USD ES MSRP (which is what is quoted for outside of China) is priced with factoring in logistics costs and higher than their CNY MSRP converted to USD. In China it works out to about a $17 USD difference between the two based on their CNY MSRPs converted to USD. One could argue you are getting a lot more for the difference, but Soldier Story tends to do more niche subjects as “safe bet” expo figures so they are taking less risk as speculators will buy up all the stock regardless of what gets put out.

With SS or DAM all we can really do is look at the translation from the official CNY price, which won’t factor in logistics costs. Distributors outside of China can have MSRPs that vary and are not priced consistently, sometimes lower or higher, sometimes capitalizing on certain releases but not others. In this case that $154.99 China MSRP becomes a $199 US MSRP, which really should not be the case. If a distributor has a true distributor agreement they should be able to come within $10-20 of the China MSRP. If a product is licensed they should be able to ship by sea for less than that per unit, given that there shouldn’t be any need to worry about customs workarounds. That being said, distributors in either countries or the brands themselves may try to make a bit more on certain products to offset riskier products. They have other considerations like minimum quantities on every release and such.

I’ve always felt that Soldier Story tends to offer the best bang for your buck in terms of what they include. More parts, more refined pieces overall. Of all the brands they have a slower product cycle so that means less money invested less frequently in new tooling and prototyping and more of a long term approach in product planning. If we want to see more frequent releases that means more investment and higher pricing or more basic figures, more reused parts, etc. Both approaches have their downsides and create a situation where comparing one product to another on price is not so straightforward, but for the end customer all they see is this product costs X and this product costs Y and that is all they they think about. I look at is either you release less product and put out a more refined and rounded out product and build your brand loyalty that way or you release more product more frequently and appeal to impatient collectors eager for the next new thing.

In case anyone hadn’t saw this yet, they posted a comparison of their fabric to an original Crye uniform. Pretty close.

Cool, I’m really looking forward to this one as well.

Full box buy from me Adam, and MK17 and P226 loose as well if you can accommodate.

This figure seems to be highly anticipated. People keep mentioning this figure for months now, totally unrelated to the actual topic Soldier Story posted :joy: