Soldier Story SS106 Medal of Honor Warfighter Navy SEAL Voodoo; Review

A bit late to the party with this review, but here we go.

Up for review is the unboxing and build up of the Soldier Story SS106 Medal of Honor Warfighter Voodoo Tier 1 Operator. It came out about 2 years ago, and there are a few video unboxing reviews on Youtube. I haven’t seen any attached to forums and such, so here we go.

Here is the link to the original promo pics of the figure.

One thing to mention up front is this is a figure attached to a video game, just in case you didn’t know that already. EA Games made some extra effort on the second installment of the modern warfare version of the franchise. They consulted with some SEALs on the gear and tactics that would make the game more realistic. In doing so, EA acquired permission to some of the licenses for the brands used. And as part of the package of making the figure, those licenses most likely have been passed on as well as part of the agreement. So what we get is a figure with all the properly branded gear, and not the modified phony brand names as seen on previous figure releases. We get accurate representations of real gear and brand names.

Lets start with the packaging. Nice box with some detailed graphics. There is a gate/flap style box inside of a slip cover. A nice picture of the figure, and a combination of glossy print, and regular print to catch the eye. Inside there is a sleeve with more production pictures which can be used as a build instruction. Under the sleeve is a pair of molded plastic trays holding all the parts for the figure.

Lets get right into the figure. This is easily one of Soldier Story’s best efforts in a figure. The head sculpt is very well done. We’re talking as good as Hot Toys or DamToys/VTS quality. The paint and molding is really top notch. They captured the game likeness and really made it look like an actual person. The scar across the nose is captured quite well, and really gives Voodoo the look of a grizzled war veteran. There is the tied up goatee on his chin which gives a nice bit of personality. Turn the head around, and you can see the hair tied back in a band to keep his shaggy doo out of his eyes.

The body is the 2.5 body with the softer upper body/torso. What we also see with the body is the hairy forearms that we saw on the SS094 Marine Raider, but the paint application makes it a bit more visible.

The paint applications on the head, neck, forearms and hands are relatively similar, so we don’t get a lot of tone differences between them. There is some, but it’s not as obvious as on some other figures. Where it is painfully obvious is the wrist joints, which are unpainted, and are a glaringly obvious difference to the painted hands and arms. The flesh tone hands are just soft enough to get a good grip on the weapons, and still be flexible enough to not hinder posing.

Another thing of note is the connection at the neck and head. The cut away sections at the joint leaves some bigger than normal gaps, and some pretty obvious hollows and shadows.

On to the uniform. We get a Crye AOR-1 uniform, with the sleeves cut off as we sometimes see with operators in the field. In the promo pictures first released, it showed the colour of the pattern was remarkably similar to the actual uniform colours. In hand though, the uniform seems to have almost a slight pink tone to it. It could be the lighting in my hobby area, but the uniform doesn’t seem quite like the promo pics in that regard.

When the figure was first removed from the plastic tray, it was obvious that the figure has some type of padded under suit on. Obviously it’s on to give him a more bulky and muscular appearance.

Another nice feature is the fact that all the pockets on the uniform are working, and most have velcro closures on the flaps.

Weathered knee pads.

Some tapes on the uniform pockets of the pants and shirt with tapes of the Crye Precision labels. Nice feature.

Merrell Hiking shoes are quite well made. The tops of the shoes look a bit puffy, but that comes from sewing multiple layers of material where the thickness isn’t quite in scale with the figure. Other than that small issue, the shoes are pretty nicely made and detailed.

One thing to note is the body suit does cause some issues with posing. The joints do get limited by the undersuit.

Nice to get a set of bendy hands, with a soft set of Mechanix gloves. I haven’t heard or seen anything yet, but this type of fabric, and the plastic of the bendy hands usually means there is some staining and dye transfer to the bendy hands. I haven’t tried to apply the gloves yet, but I will give it a go when I put the gloved hands on the figure.

Working pockets and pouches.

The LBT 6094 vest and pouches in AOR1 pattern camo. You can see there is a visible difference in the colours of the parts. You could chalk this up as a manufacturing thing as even real uniforms and gear have some differences in colour as gear is released or replaced in the field. In this case it’s clear there were a couple different batches of fabrics as the production of the figure moved along. Some would call that a QC issue, not having the same colour on all the parts. Others may say it adds a bit of realism to the figure. Wherever you fall on the colour matter, it’s not a major detractor from the figure as a whole.

Again, we see a nice amount of details and functioning parts on the vest

Leg dropdown panel.

SOG Tomahawk with sheath, and LBT 9022 Blow out pouch.

Details of the SOG Tomahawk. Very nice molded details, and printing.

Ops Core FAST Maritime ballistic helmet with AOR1 pattern. It comes with all the usual trimmings. Helmet light, Contour helmet cam, Manta Strobe, V-Lites, GPNVG18 goggles, battery and mount, inside padding.

EDIT; I forgot to add a detail about the V-Lites on the helmet. Most figures now have the V-Lites molded with a slight curve in them. These ones are flat. If you install them with the sticky backs on them, they will not stay on the helmet in a curved shape, and try to flatten themselves out again. These will probably have to be super glued back on to get them to stay in place, or they will have to be heated and reshaped to fit the contour of the helmet. Small detail, but very noticeable when the V-lite lifts off.

The GPNVG18 details. The goggles come with a set of regular non lit eye pieces, and a pair of light up lED inserts for a back lit glow of an operating goggle. This is the second set with the light up GPNVG18 set, the first being on the KSK VBSS figure. It’s a nice simple set up, and gives the appearance of the NVG actually working. The only thing I think is a bit of and issue is the brightness of the LED used in the goggle. It’s very bright. So bright it looks inaccurate to the light that would come out of the goggles. But it’s not a huge deal, and it is a nice little detail for a figure like this.

Careful with the small tabs that hold on the dummy lenses, and the LED inserts. They are small and could be easily broken if handled roughly.

Hollowed out goggles for the LED inserts. if you look inside, it almost looks like they may have wanted to make the light go to the front of the lenses as well, which we all know is inaccurate, but might add a neat feature to a lens.

During handling and posing, one of the goggle came off its frame/mount. It is attached onto a small peg and super glued in place. If it comes off, just glue it back on. Which reminds me… I’m out of super glue.

FN Mk17 MOD0 7.62mm SCAR Rifle with FN EGLM 40mm grenade launcher. Okay, over that past few years, everyone was all about the SCARs. Everyone wanted one on their figure. And pretty much every brand from 2008 and on managed to put out at least one version of the rifle, if not both. Soldier Story has always managed to put out a highly detailed product, and more often than not, a decently made product. And no surprise, the SCAR version is a top notch piece, loaded with detail.

The rifle can be disassembled, and has quite a few moving and removable bits. The EGLM can be removed if you prefer to go without. It can be opened by sliding the grip forward, then sliding the whole barrel forward, and pivoting the barrel to either side.

Moving selector switch. Details of the extending stock.

Folding stock details.

Number details of the extending stock positions.

Selector switch details. At the mack of the upper receiver there are 3 pins molded, but the middle one appears to be one that can be pushed out to remove the upper receiver from the lower, but I didn’t try to do that at the time of the pictures and build up.

Tab that looks like the charging handle can be switched to the other side of the bolt.

Folding front sight.

Removed EGLM. If you want this option, the magazine needs to be removed so you can slide the EGLM off the lower RIS.

To install the accessories on to the upper rail, the barrel needs to be removed.

Charging handle details. Elcan Spectre details.

Backup sight molding details. Note the takedown pin on this side as well. Folding stock hinge details. Right side.

Elcan Spectre details, left side. Backup sight details.

LA5 PEQ laser pointer details.

Insight SU-233 weapon light molded details.

Fore end details.

EGLM details. It looks like there is a takedown pin on the aft upper end, and a notch at the lower breech area for disassembly. Again, I didn’t try to take it apart at this time.

Details of the moving features of the EGLM as mentioned above.

Pivot detail of the EGLM breech.

If you open the breech to the SCAR, you can push the magazine in too far. The only accessory that didn’t fit snugly on my SCAR was the ELCAN Spectre scope. It was loose on the rail. I think one of the reasons the rest of the accessories fit well was because of the AOR1 paint scheme on the rifle, and the friction of paint build up on the rails.

Final build details with all the accessories attached

Metal sling clasp at the back, and front.

Insight dual pressure switch leads to the laser and light. The leads fit into the laser well, but not at all in the light. You may need to drill the hole in the light a bit deeper as it doesn’t want to fit in all the way. or just cut it back and glue it in because the pin on the lead is too small for the hole in the light.

Pistol set up includes theSIG P226R 9mm pistol, AAC Evolution 9mm suppressor, both with AOR1 paint jobs, SIG P226 9mm pistol magazine x3, and the LBT AOR1 0372L holster.

QR code detail on the pistol frame.

Moving hammer.

Moving take down lever.

AAC Evolution 9mm suppressor details. Nicely painted, and nice printing details on the silencer.

The only snag with the pistol set up is the fit of the pistol in the holster. I’m not sure if the cut of the holster is wrong, or the sewing is off, but it doesn’t push all the way in. The front pocket of the holster is too small to fit the holster into, so I tucked one of the spare magazines into it.

Breaching charge and detonator. Nice fine details, and printing details.

Flashbangs, fragmentation grenade, and Winkler knife with sheath


Bolt cutter with AOR1 taped handles. From a first glance, it appears to be the same cutter from the NYPD ESO SS100, which is a nicely detailed Blackhawk Dynamic entry tool.

40mm Grenades. Again nicely detailed printing and painting. The HEDP grenades don’t fit well into the EGLM very well. It could be the paint on the grenade that just gives it a slightly larger size to fit in the barrel.

Other bits. The hydropack straw (but no bladder), Rite In The Rain note pad, marker, pen, glow sticks, CAT, G-Shock watch, caribiners x2, shears, Garmin Foretrex GPS, Kaenon sunglasses, and water bottle.

I opted to not use the hydropack straw on the build as there is no bladder, and it doesn’t match well having the bolt cutters stuffed into the pouch at the same time. it’s not a good logical combination. I can stuff it into one of the unused pouches as filler.

A bonus with two of these accessories is a nice surprise. The GPS and watch have bands that can be used to cover the unpainted wrist joints relatively well.

Rite In the Rain Notepad.

Body armour plates. I opted to not use these so the plate carrier would sit a bit nicer with the foam inserts. Nice to have them as an option to use.

Patch Set. Punisher style skull, MOH Warfighter badge, NRA badge (interesting add as I don’t recall seeing that in the game or captured scenes), GK1 call sign badge, 96XK call sign badge, Don’t Tread On Me badge, and a pair of IR Flag badges in tan and green.

Yates Gear Personal Retention Lanyard.

Volvic botled water.

Kaenon Sunglasses

Garmin foretrx 101 GPS

Casio G-Shock Watch.

Time CAT. Combat Application Touniquet. I didn’t notice this placed anywhere on the figure in any of the promo pics or game captures. So this got stuffed into the medic pouch on the back of the vest, because any good soldier still needs to have one available.

Black zip cuffs x3.

PRC148 tactical radio, extension cable, and blade antenna with Atlantic Signal Dominator II headset and PTT box.

Black/Tan shemagh desert scarf

Bottom of the LBT6094 vest where the pouches for the armour plates go. If you chose to use the plates, remove the foam inserts and replace with the plates.

A quick look at the vest LBT6094 vest set up, and cord set up for the comm set.

Lets get some posing going. I’ll try for some more variety later once I get the GPNVG18 fixed. You will be kind of limited with posing with the use of the S2.5 body and its arms, and the padded body suit hindering the joints.

Final impressions.

Well, as a big fan of the game and the fact that it will match up with the Caltek Preacher figure, it’s already a win. Then add the fact that Soldier Story did really well with the manufacturing of all of the parts, with only a few small issues. Typical fit problems on the Soldier Story rifles were eliminated with the application of the paint job, so that’s a nice win even if the paint application doesn’t really look that great as an AOR1 pattern. The minor posing issues with the combination of the body choice, and padded body suit is something we’ll have to work with, but not completely unusable. A nice choice of add on accessories from both the game, and the actual support from real SEALs during the production of the game translated well into the figure. It has a great selection of extra bits, but not overloaded and too busy. And you can choose how you want to gear up Voodoo in the end as well. If it looks like too much stuff, just remove a few bits.

It’s a very solid buy as a figure, and not a lot to detract from the overall build. it makes me think, why did I wait so long to get it built. It’s a great figure that is an excellent representation of the game character, and even ties in well with SEAL figures that have been released both before and after the game release.

If you have any other assessments, and opinions of the figure, feel free to add them here.

EDIT; I forgot to add this figure also comes with a nice Hot Toys style figure stand. Something that very few Soldier Story figures ever come with.


Another awesome review, great detail pics too. I really enjoyed that one.

I’m building a Neptune Spear SEAL from ES26009, but I’m going to grab some loose parts from this figure after seeing your pictures.

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Good figure to start with on that E&S 26009.

I recommend any loose parts from this figure. But I don’t imagine any AOR1 gear will match from the Soldier Story gear to the E&S gear. The E&S stuff looks to be a lot lighter in colour.

I actually like it when the color patterns don’t perfectly match, doesn’t bother me at all.


It does give a look of new VS. old gear, or different source parts for sure.


Thanks for the detailed review. I’ve managed to get 3 sets of gear (uniform, vest, pistol and holster) and I’ve used them on my DEVGRU team. Pretty solid. In a few weeks I’ll get my hands on that scar, not for DEVGRU but to match my SS109 figures.

EIDT. April 9. Finally got the SCAR and it’s a nice one. Love all the details but one thing that left me stunned is the fact that the silencer fits great and locks in place when pressing it a little and turning it gently. Great detail.

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The only risk of using these uniforms on other figures would be the size of them. If you didn’t get the padded undersuit with the uniforms, the uniform may be quite loose fitting on other bodies or even Soldier Story bodies without that undersuit.

Other than that issue, the gear is great and should look awesome on a custom figure.

I’ve used some Eva foam to mold just the parts needed, like arms, thighs and buttocks to make it less slender. Besides, with all the stuff I’ve placed on the Battle belts, you don’t see the difference.

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Again, a great review! Loved to read it.

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Thanks for the review, I miss this written kind of reviews and I’m glad you’re still willing to do it cdn.

I for one think this was peak Soldier Story, everything looks great on paper (a Seal, bearded head sculpt, battle axe) but I really hate the AOR1 print and I think that’s the dealbreaker for me. Also, they decided to cut off the sleeves from the get-go which is the 2nd dealbreaker IMO. While it’s great for collectors who want 1/1 resemblance, it’s a turn-off for those who want to use it as spares or other configuration. I was excited when this was announced but decided to pass and just get the interesting parts (head sculpt, battle axe) and just re-configure my DAMTOYS 78011 into Voodoo.

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I am on the fence about the AOR1 pattern. To me it almost seems to have a pink tint to it. If the original promo pics can be believed, and the pattern is in fact accurate to 1:1 AOR1, then they did well in the recreation of the pattern, and other colours are incorrect. But it seems like the pattern is not right on this figure.

As far as the cut sleeves go, it’s accurate to the character, so using that uniform on a custom figure should be done with that modification in mind. There are a number of figures of operators in the field using uniforms with cut off sleeves just like that, so it could make for a nice custom in that respect, and then a hobbyist, could just buy that specific uniform instead of cutting one up.