Soldier Story SS107 Iraq Special Operations Forces ISOF - SAW GUNNER


Ghost balaclava
ISOF exclusive baseball cap
Sand/black Arab shemagh head scarf

Modern ISOF life-like head sculpt

S2.5 body
Bare weapon hand (1 Pair)
Bare feet (1 Pair)

ISOF camo combat shirt
ISOF black T-shirt
ISOF camo combat pants
Tactical softshell jacket (skull print back)
Inner vest
Merrell hiking boots (sewing / new color)

Paraclete RAV tactical armor vest
Paraclete RAV tactical Armor shoulder pad (1 Pair)
Paraclete RAV tactical armor zip-up molle back panel
Paraclete groin protector molle panel
Paraclete large utility pouch
Paraclete small utility pouch
Paraclete medic molle pouch
Paraclete radio molle pouch
Paraclete grenade molle pouch x3
Paraclete drop leg dump pouch
Paraclete SAW ammo pouch x2
Medium utility Pouch
the SAPI Armor Plate x2
5.56 FASTMAG x4
EI M4 Double Magazine Pouch
9mm Double Magazine Pouch x2
TCI the MAST Antenna Relocation Kit
Shot the shell Holder (8 shells)
Cable Tie x2
the EMT Scissors (Red)
Carabiner (Black Lock) x2
Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT)
Tourniquet rubber band
Light stick (orange) x3
IR light stick x3
Light stick (yellow / short) x2
Multi- tools
M67 Hand grenade x3
Iraq training smoke grenade
M18 smoke grenade
Combat knee pad (1 pair)
Combat elbow pad (1 pair)
Tactical belt
Gerber LMF survival knife
Gerber LMF survival knife sheath
ISOF issue safety lanyard
GI M249 SAW ammo box pouch

M92F 9mm pistol
M92F 9mm magazine x5
M92F Pistol safety lanyard
Balckhawk SERPA M9 tactical holster
LAR-15 5.56mm self-loading rifle w/ 14.5 barrel
DD Omega rail 7.0
Aimpoint comp M4 red dot sight
AN/PEQ-2 laser pointer
Surefire vertical grip light
5.56mm 30rd magazine x3
5.56mm 30rd PMAG x4
PMAG mag pull x4
GI M4 weapon sling
M249 SAW machine gun (metal)
GI Padded sling (M249)
M249 SAW ammo box x4
5.56 bullet link
5.56 bullet link (waist)
Shot shell (red) x5
Shot shell (grey) x3

PRC-152 tactical radio
PRC-152 blade antenna
Radio extension cable
Comtec II Radio headset (modified)
Comtec II radio PTT

ISOF embroidered velcro name patch x2
IRAQ/ISOF embroidered Flag velcro patch (long shape) x2
IRAQ embroidered flag velcro patch (long shape)
ISOF embroidered CT round velcro patch
ISOF embroidered Gold division patch
ISOF embroidered SF velcro patch
ISOF embroidered wing velcro patch
ISOF embroidered commando school velcro patch
ISOF embroidered unit velcro patch x2

Exclusive ISOF skull printed figure stand & name plate

Non-US Military Forces Database


A new M249-E2 from SS…

I’ll take three!


Is it just me or did they reuse the same head? Like others at BBICN half wondering if this is an expo exclusive given Hobby Expo is in a couple of weeks near the end of April.



Thanks. I forgot the part list.


Then you would have guessed correctly!

But I can’t see any EXPO icon or similar. Looking at their website, they usually announce the exclusive figure one week to 10 days prior to the expo. Hope, this one is a regular release though for all the gear.


We should know pretty soon. In the past when they have repeated head sculpts it usually has been for an expo figure. One other explanation is they could be trying to gauge demand to figure out which way to go with it.


My bad. It’s actually two weeks. However, I am still missing the expo icon.


Well I sincerely hope it’s not an expo exclusive. Great looking figure with an awesome assortment of gear. I’m in.


I’ve had the “Raise The Black” figure on order from the gitgo, this new one certainly is eye-pleasing. I would like to see SS get off their collective asses, and get promised figures out to their dealers and customers. The current state of the hobby seems to be a circle of chaos, perhaps the only debate being a “chicken and egg” one, but it is pretty much the child of many fathers.


Good news!
It’s listed on their official website now, but no sign of being an expo exclusive. Othwerwise they had advertized it as that on the sidebar.

@AdamC You getting both ISOFs in?


I’ll have stock of both.


I want a full box then Adam…


I am also surprised to see that head seems the same as the SS105 version … but the uniform I like.


That’s most likely on purpose as both versions (SS105 and SS107) are Lieutenant Suhaib M. Strange choice though.

By the way, is this feature is a joke? You can’t even open them :laughing:


Is there an ETA on this one yet? I have seen the regular SS105 out already, but nothing on this version.


Nothing as of yet. Soldier Story has been taking longer to get product out the door these days as their time seems to be tied up with wrestlers and transformers.


Before him, it seems that they must go out ss106 Voodoo … and certainly the next limited edition of China Expo in April 2019 …


Voodoo is on the hit list too. I may actually buy more than one figure this year it appears.

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