Winter balaclava
Oakley canopy snow goggles
Opscore blk carbon helemt (snow camo spray)
S&S Precision V-Lite (red)
Princeton Tec charge MPLS helemt light
NVG compass
Wilcox L4G24 NVG mount

Modern Navy SEAL life-like head sculpt

S2.5 body
Bareweapon hand(1 Pair)
Barefeet (1 Pair)

Halys PCU L7 jacket type 1
Halys PCU L7 pants type 1
VertxOverwhite suit
VertxOverwhite trousers
Brown T-shirt
Inner white pants
Asolo hiking boots (sewing / grey)

Tactical concealment viper hood (snow camo spray)
Moss dreadlocks
Snow camo fabric straps
NSW contract swimmer cut less than overt carrier (skull frog printed)
EI AOR1 MPCR muti-purpose molle chest rig (snow camo spray)
EI AOR1 radio pouch (snow camo spray)
EI AOR1 kydex insert 5.56/9mm magazine pouch (snow camo spray)
EI AOR1 kydex insert 5.56 magazine pouch (snow camo spray)
EI AOR1 winter hand warmer sleeve pouch (snow camo spray)
EI AOR1 M14/SR25 7.62 magazine pouch (snow camo spray) x 2
LBT AOR1 M4 magazine pouch (snow camo spray) x 2
LBT AOR1 9mm magazine pouch custom knife sheath (snow camo spray)
LBT AOR1 NVG pouch (snow camo spray)
AOR1 medic utility pouch (snow camo spray)
Eberlestock rifle backpack (snow camo spray)
Eberlestock scope cover & crown protector (snow camo spray)
Digital snow camo backpack cover
OR AOR1 water bottle pouch (snow camo spray)
OR Hiking gaiter (1 pair)
Hydration tube /w snow fabric cover
Hydration pouch (plastic)
Swimmer armor plate x 2
EMT Scissors (yellow)
Tourniquet rubber band
Velket tourniquet
Yellow light stick (short) x 4
SOG SEAL pup tactical knife
Snow walking traction cleats (1 pair)
Mechanix snow camo gloved weapon hand (1 pair)

MK25 Sig P226 pistol
P226 9mm magazine x 2
Mec-Gar P226 base pad magazine
SF X300 weapon light
SF X300 weapon light DG remote switch
MK18 mod1 assault rifle (snow camo spray)
DD RISII handguard (snow camo spray)
SF SOCOM 5.56 suppressor (snow camo spray)
SF SOCOM 5.56 4 prong flash hider (snow camo spray)
Insight WMX200 weapon light (snow camo spray)
CQD QD sling mount (snow camo spray)
Tango down vertical grip (snow camo spray)
LA5 laser pointer (snow camo spray)
LA5 laser pointer remote switch (snow camo spray)
KAC taupe front flip sight 99051 (snow camo spray)
Matech rear adjustable fli-up sight
EOTEC EXP2 red-dot weapon sight (snow camo spray)
LMT crane stock (snow camo spray)
LBT AOR1 weapon sling
M4 5.56 magazine x 4
Magpul 5.56 PMAG (snow camo spray)
FN MK17 SCAR assault rifle marksman setting (snow camo spray)
FN MK17 SCAR 20” sniper barrel (snow camo spray)
FN MK17 SCAR 7.62 suppressor (snow camo spray)
FN MK17 SCAR 7.62 10RD magazine (snow camo spray)
FN MK17 SCAR 7.62 20RD magazine x 5
NIGHTFORCE NSX rifle scope / mount (snow camo spray)
Harris 6”-9” standard bipods (snow camo spray)
LA5 laser pointer (snow camo spray)
LA5 laser pointer remote switch (snow camo spray)
Larue CQB angled TI mount (snow camo spray)
Aimpoint T1 red-dot sight (snow camo spray)
Sniper data sheet

PRC-148 maritimeradio
PRC-148 antenna
TEA 10pin PTT (snow camo spray)
Invisio blk M3 headset (snow camo spray)

IR blk/ white US flag right hand velcro patch
IR blk/ white US flag left hand velcro patch
Skull embroidered velcro patch
KC1 call sign velcro patch


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Flight Deck Snow Goggle - Oakley
MK18 MOD1 - Colt Defense
Mini Times HK416 D (Navy SEALs Winter Combat Training)

This one is very impressive. If I would compare it to the EXPO NSW, this one is far superior. Both rifles have nice additions next to the snow camo. Also the SIG 226 is just great!

Only niggle, no waterbottle.

I think @AdamC will give us a MSRP soon.

Lots of parts for a mannequin to display!

Unfortunately, no pics of the bare muzzles.


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Wow! :open_mouth: Fantastic!


I’m not into “winter warfare” figures, I guess because of all that snow that falls here in the tropics you know…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:
However, this is quite possibly the best winter warrior I’ve ever seen, and although I’ll pass on the boxed set there are quite a few pieces I’ll definitely be getting from this one: head w/body for sure, chest rig & BA vest. The two rifles could pass for urban warfare camo so they’re in my list too.
Overall an ubercool set, kudos to SS.


I’ll get some pieces too. Winter is fine to me here in Germany.

What tropical country you’re talking about?


I was really looking forward to a tent. :pensive:


Very impressive figure. This one will be $250 if the trend continues.

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I was momentarily excited by the suppressor cover poking out of the ruck, thinking it was an antenna for a large backpack radio.
Gotta give Soldier Story credit for the bulky look of all that layered clothing. Sort of the reverse of TwistingToyz’s old WW2 Italian snow suit, which is mighty tight.


Same price as other recent figures from Soldier Story. $199.99 is the new $159.99, at least for North America/Europe. At least you get two rifles this time around and a backpack is something you don’t see everyday either.


I thought you wanted that tent? :laughing:


Alas I’ve learned with Soldier Story that you can only expect such things in an expo exclusive.


Most likely.

But joking aside, I believe adding the tent and the Fortis Shift to the SS109 would make this even better.
Well, still missing a Nalgene bottle though :sweat_smile:

Sorry, Malgene, due to copyright


That would be Puerto Rico, smallest of the Greater Antilles in the Caribbean Sea.

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:puerto_rico: Que Bonita Bandera!


Asi mismo es!!! From la Isla del Ecanto!


I already have the old China expo version of the “Winter” SS soldier … and I will not hesitate to buy this one to form a duo :hugs:


Welcome on the forum!

This one will be an awesome release, which will be followed up by 3 consecutive WWII figures from SS. Lots of money to save there.


Thank you chpo, I will make a small presentation of me in the good part of the forum, a little later … just to say that I am fan of Soldier Story and that I own a lot :relaxed: