Soldier Story SS110 WWII 101st Airborne Division “Guy Whidden, II”


M-1C paratrooper helmet (metal)
M-1C helmet net cover
US airborne garrison cap
M5-11-7 assault gas mask
Gas mask filter
M-1944 dust goggles (clear lens)
M-1944 dust goggles (dark polarizing lens)

WWII Guy Whidden, II life live head sculpt

Weapon bare Hand (1 Pair)
Bendable bare Hand (1 Pair)
Bare Feet (1 Pair)

GI wool shirt
M-1942 parachutist jacket
M-1942 parachutist pants
Corcoran jump boots (sewing leather)

M-1936 suspenders
Shoulder pads
M-1938 riding gloves
M-1936 pistol belt
M-1910 canteen cover
M-1910 canteen (metal)
M-1910 canteen cup (metal)
M-1942 first aid pouch
M-1910 entrenching tool cover
M-1910 E tool entrenching tool shovel (metal)
M-1936 musette jump bag
Paratrooper rigger universal ammo pouch
TL-122 flashlight torch
M-1918 combat knife
M-1918 knife sheath
M-2 folding knife
M-2 grenade
M-1 ammunition carrying /w carrying strap
Paratrooper wrist compass (1944)
Model A-11 US military watch
Paratrooper cricket
MKII No75 “Hawkins Mine” (/w leg strap)
M-7 black rubberized gas mask bag
B-4 life vest (1943 dated)
Airborne let down rope
T-5 parachute main pack (/w harness)
T-5 reserve chest pack
Paratrooper leg bag

M1A1 carbine folding paratrooper stock (wood / metal)
M1 carbine sling
M1A1 10rd magazine x 4
M1A1 Scabbard (for M1A1 carbine folding stock)
M1911 .45 pistol
M1911 7rd magazine x 3
M-1916 pistol holster

New design round classic figure stand /w exclusive Guy Whidden,II photo etch name plate

Wonder why they skipped the SS109 this time.

I like the gas mask and frag grenade, otherwise not my era of figures.

Chest rig, holster and boots are exactly copied from this teaser figure. Just money saving or had the US WWII soldiers pretty much all the same gear?

From what I know (which is little) it was all common gear.

Since I missed McNiece twice, I may try to get him.

In China this has been priced at the same price as Soldier Story’s Voodoo figure, which carries a $199 USD price point in NA. I suppose the next few releases will be priced at $219 or $229. Did I miss the memo where Hot Toys acquired DAM and Soldier Story?

The M1 carbine has the anachronistic bayonet lug. Correct for Korea, not for WWII.

DiD made this mistake too…

To be fair while not protecting them as the price is crazy. You do get more with this release. For SS this is more than what McNiece came with and I feel like SS is fighting to stay relevant with companies like DAM, MSE and E&S. Some new parts from them as well.

But yes I must have missed the memo as well. The idea of bumping prices to movie figure prices is dumb and may cause people to go to other companies.

That’s what it is. I kept looking at that and felt like something was off. I just couldn’t place it.

I needed that laugh, thanks Adam!

Indeed. All I can do is laugh as well, especially now that Minitimes is being faux marketed by some at the same price point as DAM/Soldier Story. At this rate everyone in the business end of the hobby will be getting a Ferrari for Christmas.

Yet another motive for corporations to raid the hobby, I suppose. With the passage of time, and the change in the trajectory, the cast of enthusiasts has changed quite a bit. It will be interesting to see how that plays out.

Still a (very) long time for Soldier Story … announced for first delivery 13.Dec.2019

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The M1A1 looks very good. Now i need an M3 carbine in this Qualitiy :wink:.

It is unfortunately not correct for WWII. The bayonet lug and adjustable rear sight are strictly post-WWII.

At least for the ETO like Mr. Whidden represents. There is no photographic evidence of an M1A1 in the ETO with either upgrade - if these did exist, it would have been at the tail end if the war, if at all.