Soldier Story SS111 US Army 28th Infantry Division Ardennes 1944



M-1 combat helmet (metal)
M-1 combat helmet liner
Snow white helmet cover
Snow white face mask

WWII US Army soldier life-like head sculpt

Weapon bare Hand (1 Pair)
Bendable bare Hand (1 Pair)
Bare Feet (1 Pair)

GI wool shirt
Brown T-shirt
M-41 field jacket (/w 28th Infantry div. Patch)
GI wool pants
Snow suit smock
Snow white mittens (1 pair)
Wool mitten liners (1 pair)
Wool scarf
Snow pants
M1944 high neck wool sweater (/w 28th Infantry div. Patch)
GI combat boots (sewing leather)

M-1936 suspenders
M-1936 pistol belt
M-1910 canteen cover
M-1910 canteen (metal)
M-1910 canteen cup (metal)
M-1942 first aid pouch
M-43 entrenching tool cover
M-43 tool entrenching tool shovel (metal)
M-1943 wire cutter pouch
M-1938 wire cutter
M-1923 .45 magazine pouch
TL-122 flashlight torch
M-2 grenade

M1919A6 Browning .30 machine gun (metal)
.30 M1A1 ammo box (metal)
CNC metal bullet / metal bulletlink
M1911 .45 pistol
M1911 7rd magazine x 3
M-1916 pistol holster

YANK Army weekly magazine
Hershey’s chocolate
Camel cigarette pack
Cigarette x 3

Ardennes 1944 exclusive figure stand

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Nice! I remember I having Hasbro’s GI Joe Battle of the Bulge figure years ago but that one doesn’t really compare to this one.


I never did pick up a DML “Deke” M1919A6, so I may well get this SS incarnation.

I wonder if SS will run afoul of US Customs over the Hershey’s bars and Camel cigarettes?


Seeing how much effort SS puts into its presentation, gear and detail, it’s just amazing (quality issues aside)!


They are fast becoming the kings of fancy preorder pictures with a not so great to very poor final product. Hopefully with the recent German figure they’ve made some improvements, othewise they’ll have to start selling their figures as two packs so you can put one together without issues.


I’m a fan of the 1919A6, which has been done a couple of times (including the nice Armoury version). It saw a lot of action in postwar SE Asia, as well as WW2. I have the old 21C BAR man in a white bedsheet poncho, and a number of the DML snow suits, but SS has done well here.
I will say that while the head sculpt is OK, the hair style looks awfully contemporary, rather than period-accurate. Sculptors seem obsessed with sideburns, and stubble (tho that last one is absent here). Easy enough to swap heads, but a thinner, more weary face would have been nice. These were particularly rugged types, before they even experienced all of the heavy fighting. Good to see the “Bloody Bucket” get some attention, too.


Ouch. Truly, they need to step up their game. Competition and pricing means no easy path back to the big leagues.