Soldier Story SS112 SHCC 2018 Convention Exclusive CT-SFO

London Police officer cap
SF-10 gas mask
Gas mask filter
Sun glasses
Grey green face mask

Modern CT-SFO police officer life like head sculpt

S2.5 BODY (/w tattoo print on right arm)
Bare weapon hand (1 Pair)
Bendable bare hand (1 Pair)
Bare Feet (1 Pair)

Two tones wind jacket
Inner vest
Hiking boots (sewing fabric)

CT-SFO Issue wolf grey tactical armor vest
Armor vest inner pad x 2
Shoulder pad (1 pair)
Groin protection pouch
Foldable dump pouch
Radio pouch
Medic pouch
Weapon catch
Drop leg panel
Double flash bang pouch
Single pistol mag pouch x 2
Hammer holder (metal tube)
Knee pad (1 pair)
Elbow pad (1 pair)
Multi-tool pouch
Multi tool
Safety hook knige
Hook knife sheath
Boot knife
Boot knife sheath
Tactical rigger belt
Belt loop
Belt loop /w D ring
Fast mag x 2
Foldable hand cuffs (yellow) x 2
Bell pan (blue)
Carabiner x 2
Handcuffs (metal)
Light stick (red) x 2
Light stick (white) x 2
Flash bang x 2
Tape roll (blk)
Siege hammer
Sewing tactical glove (1 pair)
Police ID badge

G17 9mm pistol
G17 9mm magazine x 3
M3 pistol light
Pistol landyard
Model 6004 G17 /w light tactical holster
SIG-516 CQB assault rifle
SIG-516 5.56 rifle magazine x 6
CTR butt stock (blk)
Blank fire adaptor (yellow)
Front flip up sight
Rear flip up sight
Tactical fore grip
Tactical rifle light
Remote switch
Bungee single point sling

Motorola radio
Motorola radio antenna
Selex Tacmic CT1 PTT
Comtec II headset (dark grey)

UK police flag embroidered velcro patch
“POLICE” embroidered velcro patch
“CTSFO” embroidered flag velcro patch
“12” unit embroidered velcro patch

Exclusive CTSFO logo figure stand & name plate

I am afraid the exclusive is awesome. But SS said on their FB page that this one should be easier to obtain

@AdamC Uploading pics is a bit faster and more stable now. Especially, when you drag several files at the same time.

Gonna need a pair of these rifles. Is SS going the ZERT route with the Glock? Looks like they also reused the Panama 1989 headsculpt.

Let’s hope SS does make more of these available. As I feared…the SIG 516 with an expo figure. Ugh.

This is fantastic. I hope the show price isn’t too crazy.

I like the rifle a lot. Want one of those but doubt I’ll get one since it’s an exclusive.

My initial reaction, too.

If SS wants to climb out of the pit, they’d be smart to allow enough of these to get out there.

Just FYI. In China this one goes for approx. USD 125.

So $225 once a US distributor gets involved? :smile:

Ebay says 289.99 so far. That’s only a 100% on top + shipping :sweat_smile:

Regardless of the brand, they should try to regain the goodwill of their user base by allocating the stock through distributors to dealers with an enforced MSRP. Even more so now that they seem to be moving towards a preorder model rather than selling at the show. Too many backroom deals is why the prices end up being silly. Normally I say live and let live, but the expo figures business practice is a bit of a sore point with collectors. Usually the figures get sold in bulk to certain dealers in China at the show and they jack prices up. When one dealer gets 50-100 figures the whole process is broken.

I know, that’s horrible. Especially when quite some expo figures having a large appeal to western collectors. At least the last year’s Hobby Expo SS108 went for a reasonable price at the Chinese seller, where I get my boxed figures from. I think it was about USD 218.

That would be a very reasonable price for an Expo figure. Lets hope it stays close to that price.

I got a pre-order for the SS112, so only USD135 excl. shipping for me.


That…is an incredibly good price. Is SS selling some of this figure directly to consumers?

There was a lottery for 50 figures to buy at a Chinese retail price, the rest will be also sold at retail stores. Still no loose parts though!

Should be shipping:

Same thing for me as for chpo, I was selected on Facebook to take advantage of their offer.
Chpo did you get information from SS since?

Nothing, unfortunately. Not even some tracking. BBICN already had some in hand pics though!

Yes I saw the first pictures, they were very late to release this figure on schedule. I will wait until next week to contact them. They must already deliver to China before foreign customers. I am in France :blush:

Just received my tracking. Did they let us wait deliberately to cater for the Chinese market first? :laughing: