Soldier Story SS112 SHCC 2018 Convention Exclusive CT-SFO



Received my tracking number also today, it seems to be delivered by epacket (LM … CN), it should arrive within 10/15 days


This epacket is kind of EMS, I think. Quite fast. Let’s hope customs doesn’t get it. Would be a decent price for that expo figure without further charges!


L series tracking numbers these days are sort of an in between service between standard airmail and EMS. The service gets rebranded by each postal operator in different countries, but it’s actual service name is Post Expres. Often times you see it rebranded as epacket/tracked packet/etc. Not as fast as EMS but it includes tracking and gets priority over standard airmail.

I hadn’t noticed before, but Soldier Story chose to put their own logo on the jacket. :man_facepalming:


Awesome…Adds to realism :no_mouth:


It is an expensive Expo Exclusive Figure and they put their manufacture Logo on the Jacket???
This is not acceptable for me. I wanted to buy this jacket as loose part but with that logo from SS no chance. Very clever from SS to show this jacket never complete or this area at official photos. I do not understand this and last time i have seen this at products from 21st century…


Actually I just followed and it is the express service of La Poste (French post office) who took the package into account … bad news, with them, unless the sender to declare a low value, taxes are almost usual … if that’s the case, the figure will come back as expensive as those on sale on Ebay, so no interest to order at Soldier story directly … so, deal to follow.
And for the logo on the jacket, I do not have a problem with that.


SuperMCToys recently started doing the same after rights holders started cracking down and pulling down listings on all international marketplaces. So far it hasn’t effected the military product ranges as of yet and that was mostly for their fashion branded products. Trademark issues already effect the import of military products into the US but so far we haven’t seen broader marketplace takedowns that might cause them to change this. If they aren’t going to put the unlicensed brand’s logo far better to put no logo at all.


For me too. I don’t really like EMS as other cheaper carriers are neither slower nor less reliable. In the end USD190 incl shipping is still good for an exclusive.


Very good news, untaxed package and must be delivered next Monday or Tuesday. So it will cost me then 154 usd. Very good price for a limited edition. :relaxed:


This stance, just says one thing:


As expected, figure arrived today …


No extra charges? What value was it declared for? Any invoice on the outside of the box?


Hello, no charge, the customs has been generous this time :yum:, declared 10 usd and yes, external invoice in 3 copies. Delivery against signature. I add the copy.


I’ll hope for the same. Tracking says still in Tianjin. All your parts intact? No given considering SS latest QC.


There is no reason for yours not to arrive in the coming days … and yes all the parts are present and in perfect condition.


Too bad I wasn’t able to get one from Soldier Story. The prices on this one right now are making it cost prohibitive for me. More than double the cost, but with shipping included. Still makes it a bit too pricey knowing that $125USD price.

So who is posting in-hand pictures first haha?


Will do a review once it arrives. But @krisbe511 and @Scrib have parts in hand already.


Not in hand, unfortunately. Still waiting on it to ship.


Well, as to date, I must be the only one to have the figure on the forum, I’ll get started and do a little review … I do not pretend to make a review as detailed as the one you do but I will do my best on the main lines while waiting for yours.:relaxed:


@Scrib How slow are they? @krisbe511 mine is still in China :roll_eyes: