Soldier Story SS112 SHCC 2018 Convention Exclusive CT-SFO


I would never understand how postal services work … the main thing is to always be able to follow the package, wherever it is…


EMS out of China tends to have some delays these days as the have partnered with the US to check more closely for counterfeit products so there is more checking on the Chinese customs side prior to export. Usually it’s just a few days max but it can vary given the volumes in China. Where possible it is better to ship via DHL/UPS/Fedex but thery are more stringent on checking phony values.


Christophe, mine arrived today.

Even before primary school I learned that Germany and France are neighboring countries, but this makes me feel like I am living on the Pitcairn Islands. 3 weeks difference!


Very good news Christoph :slightly_smiling_face:, the main thing is to have received the figure in good condition … mysteries of delivery of parcels around the world … now more than to put you at work to give us a nice review … what I do not have the courage to do :yum:


Haha it’s just endurance, taking like 300 pics. I am moving at the moment but try to bring it out the next two weeks.
Saw a picture of some of your figure boxes. You must have a nice collection :+1:

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Just FYI this piece seems not to come with any figure. You could get it loose from the SS103


Man Christoph, that’s nuts. Your dedication to the cause is appreciated!

Good news on my end - BOTH of my SIG 516s are due to be delivered this week. The one I won off eBay in early January stopped being lost in the Chinese mail system, I guess :slight_smile:


I do not have it on SS112 either, but it’s also available on the SS105 …

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Haha well, I can’t deny that there is some kind of addiction involved…

That’s good news. Took them awful long time to get it to you. Just checked mine yesterday and despite the fact it’s almost a 416 I really like it.


Man, SS really has a thing for key chains/key rings. It seems to be the main commonality on all their figures, except when they don’t include them…


Found the reference. Think I should add a black FAST helmet.

EDIT @AdamC Are these black helmets FAST or EXFIL?

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@Scrib Did you manage to remove the blank fire adapter? I am afraid of breaking off the muzzle.


Yes, I am 3 for 3 in terms of successfully removing the adapter. You just pull the black insert straight out, then the yellow part just falls off.

I in no way accept responsibility for any broken muzzle issues! Just be careful, and you should be fine.

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Consists of two parts, thanks :man_facepalming: