Soldier Story SS115 CTRU Assault Team

Parts List:


TM EXFIL ballistic helmet
TM shock cord kit
TM helmet strap set
TM headset adapter kit
Tactical 6-S headset
Elite OPS helmet camera
SI sunglasses
X800 tactical goggle
Goggle cover
Goggle velcro retainer


Modern CTRU police officer life-like head sculpt


S2.5 BODY (in bendable muscle arms)
Bare weapon Hand (1 Pair)
Bare Feet (1 Pair)


HKPC officer shirt
HKPC shoulder rank set (1 pair)
HKPC officer pants
Tactical boots (sewing)


CTRU 2.0 wolf grey tactical armor
CTRU collar armor protection set
Wolf grey admin pouch
Wolf grey horizontal utility pouch
Wolf grey small utility pouch
Wolf grey radio pouch
Wolf grey hydro pouch
Black tactical belt
Belt loop x 4
Belt loop /w snap hook
ID card pouch
Hand cuffs pouch
Hand cuffs (metal)
OC spray holster
HKPC MK-4 OC spray
9mm single pouch
CTRU medic pouch
CTRU tactical shield (metal)
Molle utility pouch
Gas mask pouch
Radio / water bottle pouch
9mm pistol double magazine pouch
MP-5 9mm drop leg double magazine pouch
Light stick (red) x 2
MS-2000 strobe light
Tac link carabiner
Tape roll (black)
Rotated baton holster
Expandable Baton (metal)
Plastic handcuffs x 2
Tactical knee pad (1 pair)
Tactical gloved weapon hand (1 pair)
G-Shock watch
Armor plate x 2


G17 9mm pistol
G17 9mm 17rds magazine x 4
G17 Pistol safety lanyard
Night-OPS XIPHOS pistol light (attach to G17 pistol)
CQC Serpa drop leg XIPHOP light holster
MP5A5 Sub-machine gun
MP5 blank firing barrel adapter
MP5 brass catcher
MP5 Surefire forend flashlight
MP5 Aimpoint mount
Aimpoint CompM4 red-dot sight
Front & rear sight cover
MP5 9mm 30rd magazine x 2
MP5 9mm 30rd magazine /w exercise red tape
HK 3 point tactical sling


Motorola MTS tactical radio
Motorola MTS radio antenna
Motorola bone conduction ear microphone and PTT switch
Microphone cable clip

Embroidered velcro name patch x 2
Embroidered velcro call sign patch x 3
Embroidered velcro HKSAR flag patch
Embroidered velcro blood patch
Embroidered velcro CTRU patch
Embroidered velcro “POLICE” patch

A good time to highlight the quality control of Soldier Story’s MP5. Every single one of their MP5’s from the NYPD featured I came across had this issue. One would hope they have fixed it for this release, but I received no response from my inquiry on the issue.

Some nice bits but honestly with the shirt and HS he just looks kinda like some weird tactical schoolboy

I’d have to agree. I assume this is an actor of some note among teenage females in Asia.

I can’t explain why I really like this figure. I am not even a fan of Police figures. In fact the only thing I don’t like is the pants and shirt.

Maybe just because I can see a Division type figure using all this gear without the Police look to it.

Let’s see about the MP5. The head sculpt is a bit off in my opinion.
But still, looks really good to me and will buy. No problem after 3 consecutive WWII figures (110, 111 and 113), which will save me some money.
Did they forget SS114 or is that an Expo again and why are there only 26 images? SS used to show between 70 and 100 lately. They also didn’t highlight their new items anymore as they did since the SS100.
Good thing with HK figures: no trademark issues :smile:

How to say … this character is very teenager, and it will sell perfectly in the Chinese market. Personally I prefer to pass on this one, my money will rather go to the WWII versions which will leave at the same time (ss111 / ss113)

As for the images, I noticed that they favor certain sites, I’m going to take a tour to see :wink:

For the SS114 version, I think it could be the China Expo 2019 version (april), I looked in my photos and I found 3 figures not yet released, 2 CTRU and another undefined version …

This undefined one is a SDU diver and comes with kind of a small submarine.
Usually they don’t preview any Expo figure unless 2 weeks prior to the exhibition. So if they saved it for that purpose at least we won’t know what it’ll look like.
Maybe there will be the SS106 soon, then SS114 for the expo.

They have just announced the release of their first figures 1/12. SDU versions. For the version with dog is the same face as the figure SS-102 HONG KONG ASU (Airport Security Unit) …


Soldier Story continues to release Police figures (SDU, NYC) while in my opinion neglecting the military market. Although I’m sure these sell very well they will lose my $, which DAM and E&S will be happy to take. Just my $0.02…

I like the Body and weapons. Nothing really special about this figure. The other mentiond CTRU Figure is much more very interesting. Especially the weapon. The 1/12 stuff is nothing for me. Don’t know why they go this way too.

That is my thought as well. It used to be SS was my go to. Since the current flooding of Police gear I have yet to buy anything loose from SS in a long time. DAM and E&S are looking better and better.

My biggest complaint here is the hair. If the hair were flocked it would be better. It looks like he has two helmets. One loose one and I molded to his head permanently. The only piece I would want is the box that catches the spent rounds. Knowing how 1/6 works though, that will ONLY fit and work for SS MP5s.

This image from a Chinese poster sums that one up pretty well.

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Some interesting unit imagery on this YouTube video, various uniforms and weapons:

As for the “big hair” issue (I have no problem with the youthful sculpt otherwise), it’s too bad they don’t offer an alternative. This goes back years ago, but DML did an Alexander the Great figure, with the complete headsculpt clean-shaven, and a removable, soft rubber/plastic, long hair wig. It was brilliant, as it offered great utility. Ryan Bonaminio used the head on modern US soldier in three-color DCUs. He showed it to us at an informal BS session, after a day at Weekend of Heroes. I grabbed one of the nudes at War-Toyz (I believe), after seeing Ryan’s bash. Beyond that, the closest I recall, was the Aragorn sculpt, tho I think it had no ears, and a key-slot on top of the skull.

Easy pass for me. The brass catcher is interesting, but it and the blank-fire adapter are the only new parts on the MP5A3. The tac light on the Glock is new, but eh.

I echo what others have said and hope SS will have better QC on their MP5s going forward.

As they are introducing a new muzzle they “might” have fixed this.

That’s too bad, the MP5 (A3?) they issued with their SDU K9 figure was, IMHO, excellent. And several years ago too…

If you want to have an MP5 with a straight barrel and Navy receiver and standard Surefire forearm (the K-9 MP5 has an A17 offset adapter and an SEF receiver), you can disassemble the NYPD MP5 to get the parts you want from it then swap them onto the K-9 MP5. The receiver, forearm, and stock are all pinned in and removable.

Shame that this even needs to be done, but if you want to build the “ultimate” SS MP5 in a configuration to your liking, it is doable.