Soldier Story SS115 CTRU Assault Team


Ah, that makes sense. (I’ve never been up on my MP5 variants so they all blend together for me). Agreed, SS really is falling behind here. With DAM you may get some heavy detailing or barrels that bend upwards but I’d argue that they’ve been more consistent than SS lately with regards to QC.


I agree, but I was pleased with the SS105 ISOF figure, so hopefully their QC has turned a corner.

DAM’s MP5s aren’t bad, but they’re basically DML 2.0 in terms of detail and functionality. SS wins out in the detail and functionality departments.


A new haircut has been adopted for this figure ss115. May be to improve the pose of the helmet. He still remains very young …


The hair still looks like a helmet itself and you would have thought they would do an updated image with the helmet. Still seems an odd choice to take a celebrity popular among teenage girls and with a ridiculous hair cut for a figure aimed at older males.


As for the “big hair” issue (I have no problem with the youthful sculpt otherwise), it’s too bad they don’t offer an alternative. This goes back years ago, but DML did an Alexander the Great figure, with the complete headsculpt clean-shaven, and a removable, soft rubber/plastic, long hair wig. It was brilliant, as it offered great utility. Ryan Bonaminio used the head on modern US soldier in three-color DCUs. He showed it to us at an informal BS session, after a day at Weekend of Heroes. I grabbed one of the nudes at War-Toyz (I believe), after seeing Ryan’s bash. Beyond that, the closest I recall, was the Aragorn sculpt, tho I think it had no ears, and a key-slot on top of the skull.

Just mentioning Ryan, and AWOH, brings back some memories. I never met Ryan in person, but I chatted online a few times. Awesome guy. And going to AWOH and a few years later 1:6 Expo, good times. The 1:6 glory days. really the beginnings of Soldier Story at that time.