Soldier Story SS116 CTRU Tactical Medic


TM tactical bump helmet
TM shock cord kit
TM helmet strap set
TM headset adapter kit (fixed pop off position)
Tactical 6-S headset
Helmet camera
Helmet strobe light
Tactical goggles
Black balaclava

Modern CTRU police officer life-like head sculpt

Bare weapon Hand (1 Pair)
Bare Feet (1 Pair)

UF combat shirt
UF combat pants
White foam innerwaer
Sewing black tactical combat boot (1 pair)

CTRU 3.0 wolf grey tactical armor
Armor plate x 2
Weapon holder bungee cord
Wolf grey shoulder pad (1 pair)
Wolf grey horizontal utility pouch
Wolf grey utility pouch
Wolf grey radio pouch
Wolf grey strobe pouch
MS-2000 strobe light
CTRU logo tactical trauma backpack
Black tactical belt
Belt loop x 4
Belt loop /w snap hook
Hand cuffs pouch
Hand cuffs (metal)
OC spray holster
HKPC MK-4 OC spray
Multi tool pouch
Multi tool
CTRU medic pouch
511 medic pouch
Molle utility pouch
Gas mask pouch
9mm pistol double magazine pouch
5.56 drop leg double magazine pouch
Light stick (red)
Light stick (yellow) x 2
Tac link carabiner
Ball pan (red)
Ball pan (black)
Tape roll (red)
Trauma shears
Rotated baton holster
Expandable Baton (metal)
Plastic handcuffs x 2
Combat pant knee pad (1 pair)
Tactical gloved weapon hand (1 pair)
G watch

G17 9mm pistol
G17 9mm 17rds magazine x 3
G17 Pistol safety lanyard
Night-OPS XIPHOS pistol light (attach to G17 pistol)
CQC Serpa drop leg XIPHOP light holster
SIG 516 5.56 assault rifle (dark earth finish)
SIG 516 flip up front sight
SIG 516 flip up rear sight
1-4x24 compact rifle scope /w scope mount
X400 weapon light laser combo
Retractable bipod foregrip (gen.II)
M4/M16 style blank firing barrel adapter (red)
SIG 516 translucent smoke 30rd magazine x 3
SIG 516 translucent smoke 30rd magazine /w exercise red tape
Single QD tactical sling

MTS tactical radio
MTS radio antenna
Bone conduction ear microphone and PTT switch
Microphone cable clip

Embroidered velcro name patch
Embroidered velcro call sign patch x 2
Embroidered velcro HKSAR flag patch x 2
Embroidered velcro A+ blood patch x 2
Embroidered velcro CTRU patch x2
Embroidered velcro round CTRU unicorn patch
Embroidered velcro triangle CTRU patch

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Unfortunately, the reference pics are all in Chinese. I also wonder why they skipped the SS114, will there be a Hobby Expo figure anyway despite the just recent SHCC 2018? I think 2014 was the last year where they actually released several exclusives. The SS086 German SEK, the RQ-11B drone and the SS083 Devgru.

The figure is a safe purchase by me. Seems like they are into practise figures now and need to reuse this blank fire adapter. Would be nicer with actual medic equipment in the backpack.


SS is starting to become cheap, too. Gas mask pouch without gas mask :poop:

And not this rubbish pistol mag pouch again. If it’s the same as the SS103 it won’t fit any G17 mags :man_facepalming:

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Interesting. The UF Pro fatigues are great, as are the Lowa Z-8s (?) and rifle. Team Wendy (?) helmet is also nice. However I’m not a huge fan of the loadout, and I agree the parts reuse is kind of a bummer. I’m sure someone loves this though.

Slick looking release. Love that rifle.

A very cool figure overall, I’m definitely interested in the OD fatigues.

Very cool Figure. I am not into SDU, CTRU, SWAT etc. Figures but this one is really nice. The SIG rifle is great with the blank firing adapter. I am surprised that Soldier Story does different Versions of it. With this SIG we have a completely new stock, new handguard, new grip, new scope and a new Version of the bipod foregrip. Very good job Soldier Story. Hopefully i can get my hands on this rifle.

We will have to find a member who speaks and translate Chinese for us on the forum :sunglasses:
Very beautiful figure, once again, for Soldier Story. Purchase assured for me, in 1 year…

At least 1 year :joy:

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Yeah…it would be nice if they did do a medical kit with this, but that all adds cost to this. Bummer…

So we finally get the tan SIG 516 with the factory stock and pistol grip that SS has previewed at several shows. Let’s hope all of that red tape is easily removable and doesn’t leave any residue.

Hoping the same. These training variants are a bit lame. Overall though this is much better than some of their other recent subject matter choices. Would be nice to see a modern SDU multicam variant as they also use the SIG. Might as well make use of that mold again.

It could be that this tape is added to the accessories like other Figures. I mean this mostly green square self-adhesive tape for weapons and equipment. So you could use this red tape if you want or not for the SIG. Hopefully :wink:. Or it is allready added so that it matches optically with blank firing adapter. We will see…
This kind of tape is normaly not difficult to remove. Only the area were the tape was could be sticky. You can use some special “Glue remover” for those sticky arrears.

Did this figure ever get released?

Long delayed unfortunately. At this rate I wouldn’t expect it until next year.



Oh yes!! Been waiting for this one.

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Bad timing, @AdamC you are getting this in?

First figure in hand (Zong BBICN)



Looks high quality! How does he do the action running shots?

Maybe a stick poking out of his left hip covered by the proper angle? Doesn’t look like green room stuff. Just an assumption though.

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