Soldier Story SS118 Sino-Vietnamese War “Operation Black Panther 1987” Hobby Expo 2019 Exclusive

Parts List:

GK80 helmet (metal)
Helmet liner
Helmet strap
Helmet net cover
Helmet garnish jute hair bundle (brown)
Helmet garnish jute hair bundle (green)
PLA type 85 uniform cap (/w cap badge)

Sino- Vietnamese PLA soldier life-like head sculpt

Bare weapon Hand (1 Pair)
Bare Feet (1 Pair)

PLA Type 81 reversible camouflage shirt
PLA Type 81 reversible camouflage pants
Inner vest (blue colour)
White straps track jacket (blue colour)
PLA type 85 uniform shirt (/w collar badge)
PLA type 85 uniform pants
PLA type 65 leggings (1 pair)
PLA type 65 boots (1 pair)
PLA type 65 belt

Custom 7.62 ammo multi-purpose vest
PLA type 82-1 hand grenade x 4
PLA type 67 stick grenade (wood handle) x 4
PLA type 67 4-cell stick grenade pouch
PLA type 65 canteen
PLA type 65 shoulder bag
PLA infantry shovel (wood & metal)
PLA type 63 first-aid kit bandage x2
PLA Type 69 PRG rocket x 2
PLA Type 69 RPG rocket booster x 2
Rocket booster tube case x 2
Whistle with red neck strap

PLA type 56-1 squad machine gun (/w metal parts)
PLA type 56-1 7.62 drum magazine (full metal )
7.62 belt links
PLA type 56 squad machine gun sling

Cigarette x 2
Cigarette pack (paper)
Ball pen
Hand written note
761 field ration pack (paper)
Field canned meet x 2

PLA logo exclusive figure stand

That RPD is awesome.

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Very nice Figure and some interesting parts. Some are also usuable for the earlier Vietnam War. The RPD is awsome and a must have for me. I like the complete Design. Better would be an NVA or VC for the Vietnam War era. A shortend RPD for a SOG Figure…:sunglasses:


Is this a real RPD or an actual Chinese copy, like the AK47 and the Type 56?

According to the parts list it is the Chinese Type 56-1 variant. It was mostly produced in China and Poland. Also a civilian variant is avaiable from DS Arms.

I will try to have one …:slightly_smiling_face:

Second that on the Rpd/Type 56-1. I can hear the Vietnam collectors screaming ‘Finally’ right now.

You can read my minds :+1::smile:

Something that no one’s mentioned yet is the RPG rounds. SS Type 69 incoming?

With the previous Sino-Viet War Chinese figures (from Soldier Story and Toy Soldier), this one, and the upcoming Mini Times figure (PLA Regular), the Chinese side has been pretty well covered. I’d like to see some new Viets, NVA and Militia, to provide opposing forces. They’d work well for this protracted war, as well as the war in the South, against the Americans.
I’m not sure if that would happen, as the Sino-Viet War is still a matter of some lingering unhappiness, in China.

Delivery very soon… (Note : Not possible to post in real format (3799x6095)… so I reduced to 1/3) :smiley:


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I’ll do my best to pick up one of these Chinese RPDs. Should only need the one, as they will be releasing a proper Russian RPD with an upcoming figure. Well, I hope that’s still their plan.

Protective rubber band…this does not bode well for durability’s sake.

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It’s out. Scored myself a Chinese RPD! They’re going fast, so stay diligent.