Soldier Story SS120 SEAL Team 3 Horsemen

Parts List:

FAST Maritime ballistic helmet (AOR1 pattern hydro dip
L4 G19 mount /w horn
GPNVG18 night vision goggles (LED ver.)
GPNVG18 battery box
GPNVG18 lens cover x 2
GPNVG18 LED light module (battery box) x 2
AG1 battery x 4
MPLS tactical helmet light
Manta strobe
Desert digital cap
Sunglasses (smoke lens)
Life-like Navy SEAL operator headsculpt
Weapon bare hand (1 Pair)
Bendable bare hand (1 Pair)
Bare Feet (1 Pair)

AOR1 LEAF Combat jacket
AOR1 Navy custom combat pants
Knee pad (1 pair)
Brown T-shirt
White inner vest
Tan CQB/Rigger’s belt
Hiking boots (sewing)

AOR1 6094A front panel
AOR1 6094A back panel
AOR1 MMAC shoulder pads (1 pair)
AOR1 6094 Cummerbund
7.62 kangaroo pouch insert
AOR1 hand grenade pouch
AOR1 NVG pouch (medic pouch custom)
AOR1 hydro carrier
AOR1 canteen pouch
AOR1 Double 9mm pouch
AOR1 small utility pouch
AOR1 40mm pouch
Desert digital charge bag
Desert digital plate carrier hanger pouch
Desert digital weapon aiming laser pouch
Weapon aiming laser
Armor plate x 2
Personal retention lanyard w/ Kong clip
M67 hand grenade
Yellow light stick (short) x 2
Orange light stick (long)
Trauma shear (blue)
V-LITE (red)
Foretrex 101 GPS /w wristband
Tri-fold handcuffs (black) x 2
Carabiner x 2
Explosive breaching charge x 3
Hydration drink tube
Hydration drink tube cover
Hydration bladder
Bungee retention strap x 2
Ball pen (blk)
Waterproof pen (blk)
Waterproof pen (blue)
Combat application tourniquet
Sewing glove (1 pair)
MK54 MOD0 Firing device hand held

PRC148 tactical radio
PRC148 blade antenna
PRC152 tactical radio
PRC152 blade antenna
Comtac III headset (rail adapter ver.)
U94 PTT (5 pin)
U94 PTT (10 pin)
FN MK17 MOD0 7.62 rifle
FN MK17 MOD0 front / rear iron sight
FN MK17 rifle magazine x4
MK17 Picatinny rail extension
NF rifle scope
WMX200 weapon light
Dual pressure switch
LA5/ PEQ laser pointer
Vertical foregrip bipod
40mm Pirate gun /w bungee sling
40mm M433 grenade x 4
40mm White star
AOR1 wide pad rifle sling
P226R 9mm pistol
P226 9mm pistol magazine x 3
AOR1 0372L holster

DARK velcro patch
Corn Fed White Boy velcro patch (white)
Corn Fed White Boy velcro patch (red)
AOR1 IF 4 Call sign velcro patch
ST-3 Horsemen round velcro patch
IR US black/tan velcro patch X 2
AOR1 Don’t tread on me velcro patch
Soldier Story Anniversary edition “ST-3 Horsemen” exclusive figure stand



Mmh, interesting news but what does MOM mean? Did they mean SOCOM? We will see…:thinking:

Maybe they meant MOH.

Just a guess from left field since nobody can read the mind of a company that releases transformers alarm clocks and vampire drink toppers for martinis as part of their portfolio. MOM could refer to the character Mother from Medal of Honor Warfighter. Since the order of the day seems to be picking less costly projects, I wouldn’t be surprised if they opted for the fairly basic AOR2 loadout (on right in photos) from the game’s opening mission. If that is indeed what they are referring to it makes one wonder why they aren’t bothering with some of the much more interesting material from the game. Plenty of untapped country characters, gear, weapons, etc in the game.

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Some AOR2 gear would be awsome and this stuff is still missing in 1/6. I only know the gear from the SHCC 2017 Expo Dam Toys NSWDG Figure. This one was really cool. A Figure like on the photos from AdamC would be fantastic.

The closest might be the CalTek A-TACS figure

Review by Sam

Nice Figure but i personally do not like this type of camo. This Figure in AOR2 and i am in :wink:.

There have been plenty of AOR2 uniforms but not much in the way of chest rigs or plate carriers oddly. Multicam and AOR1 are often mixed but it would be nice to have a few AOR2 options. You would think that if you were bothering to get fabric commissioned to make uniforms that you would actually make some other line gear as well.

I hope that the new Soldier Story Figure will be complete in AOR2. A Plate Carrier with chestrig or a JPC in AOR2 with pouches woul be very cool.

I hope E&S will bring out a Figure in AOR2 or with some gear. On the photo you can barely see some AOR2. All the other stuff in AOR1 was released with different Figures too. You see it in the right corner behind the two AOR1 rifles.

I’m sure they will eventually as they already had the fabric made for production, used previously only for pants though. It would be nice to see them make use of that to fill this gap, as well as some of the other unique patterns they have done like Multicam Arid.

At least they announce new figures, but where is the outcome? SS109 still in the pipeline!


“Corn fed white boy”…really? :roll_eyes:

Looks to be reusing the headsculpt from the VIP Red Team expo exclusive…that’s a fairly old figure!

I am in for the Mk.17 and the pirate gun.

Christoph, you know that SS109 snow camo doesn’t paint itself! :joy:

Andrew, SS109 will be the running gag of 2019/2020. Although, I didn’t laugh at it anymore for months now :smile:

I hear ya. I want the weapons from the set myself.

You could call me a convert to snow camo paint schemes on weapons…I did procure the Mk.48 from SS095 several months ago.

Awesome, I just managed to get it myself lately. Will you convert from green to snow or is it sth additional?

Got the green GWG MP7?

Yes, it seems that this ss120 will be a limited edition, so unlikely to get it for us, and no info for the figures that we expect … pfffff :yum: :yum:

Green? The SS095 Mk.48 comes with a snow camo paintjob from the factory. No repaint required!

I have the black, green, and RAL8000 MP7s on preorder!

@krisbe511 - are you sure this will be an exclusive? I don’t see any markings on the promo pics to indicate it will be a show exclusive like how such figures are normally handled.

I meant you like green weapons like I like snow, but your two paragraphs answered my question already. You now go for green and snow weapons in particular.

I’ll almost always go for green weaponry, but I am keeping the snow camo to SS for now. I originally wasn’t interested in the SS109 Mk.18 or Mk.17, but now that I have the SS095 Mk.48 I feel I have to complete the set!