Soldier Story SS121 Sino-Indian War 1967

Parts List:

Life-like PLA soldier headsculpt

Upper leg sleeve (1 Pair)
Weapon bare hand (1 Pair)
Relax bare hand (1 Pair)
Bare feet (1 Pair)

Winter hat (w/ PLA hat badge)
Army cap (w/ PLA hat badge)

Winter jacket (w/ collar patch)
Winter pants
White inner shirt
Winter boot x1 pair

Type 50 shovel (metal & wood material)
Army trench pick (metal & wood material)
Type 50 canteen
Winter glove (3-finger) x1 pair
Shoulder bag
4-cell stick grenade pouch
Drum magazine pouch
Army duvet

PLA type 56 squad machine gun (/w metal parts)
7.62 50rd belt links
PLA type 56 7.62 drum magazine (full metal)
PLA type 56 squad machine gun sling
Hand grenade x4


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while waiting for the “attributed” post, here is the future figure SS121 “1962 SINO- INDIAN WAR”

This topic is milked to death now. The positive, SS is still alive. People who missed out on the rifle have a second chance and I am happy I safe some money.
Interesting to see, if their QC remains high. So far I can only rely on the SS120 weapons, but these were well executed and assembled.

I’m excited to see this. It has been prototyped at shows/exhibitions in the past.

I’m not interested in the figure, but that RPD is great. They are calling it a “PLA Type 56 squad machine gun,” but as far as I’m concerned, it’s an RPD. It differs from the SS118 Type 56 MG - look at the forearm and bipod. The forearm has the grooves cut into it, and the bipod has a latch that allows the legs to lock together in the upright position. The SS118 MG has a smooth forearm and no locking latch.

Just hoping it does eventually get released and that I can score at least two RPDs. I have not seen any indication that this will be a limited/special release, but who knows?

Seeing the SS109 they seem to wrap up production, which makes me looking forward to SS115, SS116 and the SDU diver.

That SDU diver has a suppressor for the MP5. I’m looking forward to that as well.

This was planned as SS122

The SS123, me too. I need that submarine device too!

I thought it weird that SS097 had the Surefire A17 offset light adapter but no muzzle device to use with it…which is kind of the point of the A17. That’s why I want the SS MP5 suppressor.

That’s the reason, good to know

In my initial enthusiasm at the recent uptick in Sino-Vietnamese and Sino-Indian conflict subjects, I only in passing, connected them to current events. In the face of current confrontation in the Himalayas, these most recent figures do raise the question of motivations.


It would be cool to also see them release a period authentic Indian jawan rifleman or machinegunner.


Yup… I always asked for an Indian soldier, modern or older … :blush:


I know and I can definitely second that. Unfortunately, the closest thing we got so far is a Pakistani honor guard.

Next delivery … :heart_eyes:

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Good to see, bring on the RPDs.

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Well…better late than never. RPD is looking :+1:

I am going to have to jump on this RPD. Bad timing.

The RPD is the only real draw for me from this set. I think some of the other bits could be pressed into service as NVA or VC gear, but ultimately since I no longer do Nam figures, the RPD is the only draw for my gun wall.

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IMHO ammo bag is another “must have” in this figure!