Soldier Story SS122 Exo-Skeleton Armor Suit TEST-01

Parts List:

Life-like test pilot headsculpt

Upper leg sleeve (1 Pair)
Bare feet (1 Pair)

Multicam black combat shirt
Multicam black combat pants
Multicam black blast pelvic protector (BPP)
Black T-shirt
White inner vest
Tactical boots (sewing) x 1 pair

Helmet /w headset and boom mic (/w 4x LED helmet head light-up feature)
Magnetic detachable goggles (/w LED light-up feature)
Communication backpack (/w LED light-up /“TEST-01 UV light illumination feature / battery box)
Exo skeleton armor suit system (/w “TEST-01 UV light illumination feature)
AG13 button cell battery x 3

EXO skeleton weapon hand x 1 pair
EXO skeleton fist hand (left hand)
Manta strobe light
Rotatable G17 holster
Rotatable double 5.56 magazine holder
Rotatable weapon catch
Carabiners x 2
Light stick (red) x 2
Folding handcuffs x 2
Sidewinder hands-free light
Double 40mm grenade pouch
Tactical wrist pouch
401 GPS

MK16 SCAR 5.56 assault rifle
PMAG 5.56 magazine x 3
G23 3X magnifier
EXP2 holographic weapon sight x 2
M3X tactical illuminator
DBAL laser pointer
Dual button remote switch
Weapon light /w remote switch
Grip pod foregrip
MK13 EGLM grenade launcher
M433 40mm HEDP x 2
Two tone G17 9mm pistol (skull printed grip)
17rd 9mm magazine x 3

Exo skeleton armor suit exclusive figure stand

Finally, the highly anticipated, well I believe, Exo-Skeleton from SoldierStory … referring to the film with Tom Cruise, Edge Of Tomorrow, but i’m not really sure. Not quite military, but I must not be the only one to be interested in this figure … let’s hope for a release in 2021

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Long barrel MK16 from SS, great.

All that mechanical enhancement, but a lot of soft spots, too. Just tossing out a scifi-ish look? Trying to figure out if “speed is their armor”, as they aren’t really in an armored suit.
Target for RPG teams, snipers, and UGLs firing HEAT rounds.

Cannot wait for this one! So awesome! Hopefully it doesn’t suffer from the dreadful production times.

So this is Soldier Story counter to Damtoys exo-suit from Wandering Earth. Not a big fan of the Edge of Tomorrow exoskeleton and this is just a fictionalized version of that; but the BDU, weapons and the lighting look pretty cool. Kinda a bit torn here, the exo-suit might offer more accessories but this has light-up action :crazy_face: :crazy_face:


Yeah I’m torn too. Some aspects are pretty cool. I just don’t think I’m a fan of the exo-skeleton look as a whole. May be too futuristic for my tastes.

this figure was shown a VERY long time ago, way before the Damtoys exo-suit from Wandering Earth.

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Yea I think it’s been in production hell for years but they might have finally got serious when dam put out their announcements. I’m so happy - I’m gonna get both! They will look cool together.

Yep… at SHCC SHANGHAI Expo in 10.2018… not same head/Uniform…



I would take that version over the scientologist variant announced here.

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There should be even an older expo figure from around 2016.

Here is the version exhibited at Hobby China Expo 2017 :blush:

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Perseus ExoSkeleton by concept artist Francis Goeltner 2014.


I think this will be a hard pass for me. Afraid to even know what they’ll charge for it and it looks like a nightmare to put together.

It’s $210. I think it would be too easy to put together.

I don’t know about this… Futurist soldier… Not my forte… I only collect real soldiers, either now or experimental (if I find one). Don’t collect future soldiers or made up soldiers…

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Scroll down to 2015. 5 years already.

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Cool to see an SS Mk. 16 with a standard-length barrel, albeit with an earlier/AR-15 flash hider rather than the more commonly seen AAC hider. E&S has that configuration covered, so it’s all good. Colors on this Mk. 16 are a bit funky as well.

A user on bbicn opined that we may not see this figure until 2025 at the rate that other SS releases are being turned out :joy:

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Ain’t that the truth…LOL!