Soldier Story SS125 Exo-Skeleton Armor Suit TEST-02

Parts List:

Life-like test pilot Test-02 bearded headsculpt
Upper leg sleeve (1 Pair)
Bare feet (1 Pair)
Snake camo black combatshirt
Snake camo black combat pants (/w TEST-02 marking)
Snake camo black Tier 2pelvic groin protector
Black rigger’s belt
Black T-shirt
White inner vest
Sport Blue Tactical boots(sewing) x 1 pair
Helmet /w headset and boommic (/w 4x LED helmet head light-up, “TEST-02 UV light illumination features)
Magnetic detachable goggles(/w LED light-up feature)
Communication backpack (/w LED light-up battery box)
Exo skeleton armor suit system (/w “TEST-02 UV light illuminationfeature)
AG13 button cell battery x 3
EXO skeleton weapon hand x 1 pair
EXO skeleton fist hand (left hand)
Rotatable G17 holster
Rotatable double 5.56 magazine holder
Rotatable weapon catch
Heavy duty tactical rappelling rope (blue)
40mm grenade bandolier (5rd)
G36K 5.56 assault rifle
G36K RAS handguard rails
G36 Convex adjustablefolding stock
G36 translucent 30rd 5.56magazine x 3
M4-2000 suppressor
MK4 CQT rifle scope
T1 red-dot sight
CQB angled T1 mount
AFG-2 angled fore grip
M32 six-shot revolver grenade launcher
M433 40mm HEDPx 6
M2A1 reflex sight
AN/PEQ-16B laser pointer
X400 weapon light laser combo
Grip POD foregrip
Grenade launcher weapon sling (/w TEST-02 making)
Two tone G17 9mm pistol (red skull printed grip)
17rd 9mm magazine x 3
Exo skeleton armor suit TEST-02 exclusive figure stand


It was certain that we would have another version of the exoskeleton (and maybe others after them) … I like it. It looks like a bearded and aged Tom Cruise for this figure.


That’s the one from an Expo a few years back. Nice G36 (SS088 rifle with SS104 stock) and MGL-140 (new), but the strange colors are annoying.

Yep, and I like this “shiny” blue :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunate that they have subscribed to the E&S Doom’s Day gray color scheme on these weapons. I’d like to see SS repurpose this MGL mold on a different release now that they have it tooled up - the weapon comes in tan, green, and black per the Milkor site.

Skeleton frame stuff does nothing for me, but this one does look better than the 1st one. Like the blue paint job.


It’s Dan Bilzerian. I’m surprised they didn’t use him in any of the previous Seals they made.

Now, to wait for the inevitable red suit, maybe for the female soldier? Hopefully they use Emily Blunt for real.

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Ha, this guy is a very controversial choice for any figure, let alone a military figure.

Overall prefer this figure to the first version, but still not on my purchase list.

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Let’s hope for a reboot in a different color as we now have a high quality GL with long barrel compared to these ZyToys launchers.

Yes, he is. Could use his sculpt for some swimming pool or roof throwing bashes.


Indeed. Not the SEAL type figure, considering who he is…

The best and only usable parts are the head and the Leupold MK4 scope. The other stuff is looking like from a Manga Comic or Captain Future :smile:. The colors are awfull. The weapons are nice but why this colors :face_with_peeking_eye:. The Exo-Skelet is a nice idea but this Figure is very special and easy pass for me.