SOLDIER STORY SSG-003 Player Unknow's Battlegrounds

New annonce by SoldierStory.

Strange head, but i like this figure :wink:


and maybe a response to DAMTOYS Extreme Zone Samurai Sakifuji Craig, which should be realised soon

Nice Figure with good choice of realistic weapons. The pump gun is great done. The head with Afro looks interesting and the first Soldier Story Figure with “real hair”. I think a green BDU or woodland camo jacket would be better but like this Figure and the M16A2 :sunglasses:

The 1897 shotgun is a must-have for me. Looks better than the DiD one, which is wood and metal, but a bit crude. I’m glad the duckbill choke is removable as I don’t care for it.

Good to see extended mags for the Beretta. I wonder if I can get one to fit in my old DML 93R?

This is the first M16 they’ve done on their “gen 3” receiver (movable fire selector), and also the first M16A4 with A2 handguards from them. I made my own a while back by combining their gen 2 M16A2 with an M4 flat top upper and a carry handle. I may pick one up, but it’s not a priority. Been a while since we’ve seen their carry handle piece. It’s a shame that the A4 doesn’t have the railed forearm, but the A2 handguards are accurate for PUBG.

Not a must buy for me but the accessories looks cool.

The Chucks look pretty good, I hope they’re real cloth shoes.

I am sure these shoes are plastic. If you zoom in it does not look like cloth. Woud be great but i do not think so.

Correct they are definitely molded


Yes but molded plastic ones. Why Soldier Story uses plastic shoes is their secret. I mean it is Soldier Story and not E&S.

Really a shame - fabric ones would have been great. Plastic ones are an easy pass - meh!

There are other brands with cloth Converse. However, I know that the initial PUBG figure with an AKM and Altyn failed to be crowd funded so molded boots look like a money saver to me here. Otherwise, SS would never go that route since 2013

I have a pair of the Zytoys hybrid molded Chucks with real laces and they look decent in use.

In delivery next week… I will try to find one :smiling_face:


I’ll be looking to procure some shotguns and Beretta extended mags. Good to see this is getting released. With Soldier Story products, you can never be sure…

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I found one… will post pics when it arrives :smiling_face: :smiling_face:

Just the shotgun and respirator for me.