Soldier Story UK SFO SCO19

Item N°

Soldier Story

  • SS090



  • S2.5 Body
  • Headsculpt
  • Bare Hand (1 Pair)
  • Bare Feet (1 Pair)


  • SAS Assault Overall Suit (BLUE)
  • T-Shirt (BLK)
  • Calvin Klein Underwear
  • Gloves
  • adidas GSG-9.2 Assault Boots


  • VestGuard Ballistic PASGT Helmet (Low Cut) (BLK)
  • ESS Ballistic Goggles
  • 3 Hole Balaclava

Vest and Pouches

  • ISP Mk II Police Tactical Waistcoat
    • Double Rifle Mag Pouch
    • Double Pistol Mag Pouch
    • Cuffs and Defense Spray Double Pouch
    • Triple Grenade Pouch
    • Double Grenade Pouch
    • Shotgun Bullet Holder
    • Utility Pouch x2
  • AEGIS Bullet and Stab Proof Body & Groin Armour Vest
  • Duty Belt
    • Medical Drop Pouch
    • Drop Leg Panel
      • Triple Pistol Mag Pouch

Tactical Gear

  • Peerless Hinged Handcuff Model 801C
    • Handcuffs Key
  • Locking Carabiner O Type
  • Locking D Carabiner
  • BLACKHAWK! Active Shooter Hallagan Tool
  • BLACKHAWK! Dynamic Entry Super Boltmaster


    • New Eagle Headset System


  • HK G36C :de:
    • G36 Mag 5.56×45mm (30rd) x2+1
    • SureFire M952 Gun Light
    • KAC Vertical Foregrip
    • Trijicon ACOG TA31ECOS 4X32 Scope
    • Docter Mini Red Dot Sight w/ QD Mount
  • Remington M870 :us:
    • Sling
    • Shotgun Shell x18
  • Glock-17 :austria:
    • Glock Mag 9×19mm (17rd) x2+1
    • GTL 22 Tactical Light /w Laser and Dimmer
    • Pistol Lanyard
    • SAFARILAND 6004 SLS Tactical Holster
  • Defense Spray x2
  • ARM MK13 Mod 0 BTV-EL Flash Bang x3
  • CTS M7290 Flash Bang x2


  • Union Jack Patch
  • Union Jack w/ Poppy Patch
  • Thin Blue Line Union Jack Patch
  • Police Patch (Light Blue)
  • Police Patch (BLK)
  • SFO Patch (Light Blue)
  • SFO Patch (BLK)

This figure was the first I really had to invest time to track it down. Finally I had it for USD 270 in total, which was cheap in comparison to ebay.

Out of the box with the standard SAS suit.

Headsculpt. Bradley Cooper from the former SS048 USMC. Not so close to his likeness though.

Actually the first figure with underwear from SS I think


Functional pouches, zippers etc

Elastic band

Unit patches. Only one provided per unit so I bought more loose

Inserted through a velcro, which scratched the left one for me

Cloth gloves. The rubber on the knuckles degrades already.

Putting the gloves on bendy hands first and insert every finger. Then push with a credit card carefully between all the fingers till they fit. Fingers are usually too short on the SS cloth gloves.

Balaclava in a new shape for 1/6 I haven’t seen before.

Patches. I bought a second set loose. Some are not cut out properly, like they rushed this release.

Police patch for the admin pouch was originally too wide so I made one smaller and cut off the sides

GSG-9 boots. These are from the SS086 SEK review. It’s exactly the same.




Utility belt with pouches

Medic pouch. The front zipper was jammed.

Drop leg panel. The panel itself consists of a velcro only and you can attach the pistol mag pouches this way.

The small velcros on the front, top and bottom, are meant to be connected by velcros, too, to secure it properly.

Pistol lanyard

Body armor

No plates for the torso inserted

Groin protection has one though

Closer look at the neck and shoulders


The integrated belt from the vest

Vest. Please note, that every pouch on this vest has the velcro system like the drop leg panel on the belt. I just didn’t detach every single one.

Stretchy material



No padding stickers provided

Helmet strap feels a bit cheap and not so sturdy

Goggles are tinted in a very nice dark blue…

Halligan tool

This one is shorter than the former SS086 KSK

Bolt cutter


Also this one is smaller than the earlier released item from the SS085 French SF

Radio and headset

I acually put the headset the wrong way on this mannequin.

Radio pouch


Metal cuffs



MK 13

CTS 7290

Defense spray

G-17 is also from the SEK review.


M870 with bungee sling

Shell holder

Charging handle

Port to load shells can be opened and is spring operated. Unfortunately you can’t load any. You will only jam the whole mechanism. Think General Sam tried once.


Five shells on the shotgun come with less detail


Trijicon with back up sight

Mini red dot sits slightly loose

SureFire and foregrip. The foregrip has the light switch attached via a rubber tube. I know from the SS088 KSK that it’s a pain to put these back in, so left it where it is.



Plain rifle

Fire selector working

Wording Warning Refer to Owner Manual and
G36C Kal. 5,56mm x 45 and the serial number

Folding stock. My rifle had this strange yellow dust. Couldn’t get rid of it. Probably from the paint job.

Working charging handle. However, my rifle is very stiff and I didn’t dare to move. I’ll demonstrate it on my other SS G36C later.

Geared up

More moving parts and dissasambly with my SS037 G36C


Charging handle

Detachable top rail. Slide it off.

Slide off handguard

Remove barrel

Remove the siderail

Removing whatever this is.

You can’t remove the charging handle this way. It’s still blocked.

Full figure

I bought these 3 mags loose

Like the 2014 Expo SEK, this 2015 Expo SCO19 was a good addition to my collection. Both had some reused parts, however a lot of unique ones. The SCO19 e.g. comes with a unique body armor, head set, overall, vest, tac gear etc. Not too overloaded, but still value for my money. I had no big gripes with it, except for the helmet straps are a bit flimsy, empty leg panel and no new weapons here.
I my opinion an underrated figure by a lot of people which also comes due to the Expo availability only and hence scalper prices on ebay.

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It’s late already, so I will add the partlist tomorrow. I will also replace some out of focus pics or with bad lighting.

Looks like a good figure.

I was salty for a while regarding this figure’s shotgun - I wanted the SS 870 Police MAX from the CIA SAD Night Ops 2.0 figure, and this guy has the same shotgun, just with a pistol grip instead of the full stock. Plus, it was an expo exclusive.

Well, Adam hooked me up with the Night Ops shotgun, and the upcoming SS NYPD K-9 figure has an even better version of this guy’s shotgun, with a Remington pistol grip instead of a Hogue pistol grip.

Neat figure. Congrats on finding one.

Head sculpt is their “Bradley Cooper” which was previously available as one of their USMC figures. Have always preferred the G36C. Paint issue is a bit of an odd one. Reminds me of some of the old parts where factory had painted over original tan paint. Funny how you see some parts get used over the years. Those boots also appeared on their first SDU figure.

SS048 USMC, thank you.

I am not so much into shotguns like you, but all these M870s you are talking about have different grips and some other variations. Good variety I just noticed when checking pics of these figures.

The SS090 SCO19 shotgun is still available:

I might have been interested in this if the NYPD K-9 figure didn’t have a shotgun I like more - the SCO19 shotgun reuses the Hogue pistol grip from the Dlask shorty 870 But thanks for sharing the link!

Great in-depth review

I like the the small details like the thin blue line Union Jack patch but it looks like they have used accessories from older sets as the modern equipment is slightly different

Most U.K. Firearms units are now using the SF style helmet so that noise reduction and coms headphones can be used

The handcuffs would be either pladticuffs or rigid style and the CS canister wouldn’t be white as this is for the water training spray

British forces stopped using Motorola coms sets years ago and use the Sepura Airwaves digital coms now which give a much greater coverage and a lot more security

These are small things to change though and I must admit your review shows a really interesting figure

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Good to know all these details. Not sure what period my figure is from, but I always thought it’s accurate.
Again, welcome here and enjoy. Thanks for some insight!

Thanks again for the welcome :grinning:

The figure is accurate for a few years ago. Firearms units had a fair bit of money spent on them a couple of years back with the introduction of the CTSFO’s and had slight kit changes to bring them up to date

I just read the review on the Mets Specialist Firearms figure and that set is spot on. The two figures would be good in a display to show the transformation of the UK’s firearms units

It’s a nice figure and the UK police is definitely an area where there doesnt seem to be too many figures

I like the way you’ve broken the figure down in your review, it goes into the smallest detail

It’s my favorite Easy Simple figure. I also have the sniper version, but they only changed the rifle and vest so I didn’t review it.
But I am happy someone did UK police forces finally.

Thanks. Haven’t done a review lately, but I might do soon.
If not too inconvenient please upload your next review here. You have a good eye for detail and I bet it’ll be appreciated over here!