-SOLVED- Anyone Singaporean in here who could help me out?


Logging in with Facebook doesn’t work and I am based in Europe so I can’t create an account. I would need to contact aiktina about this item.

Much appreciated!



I think General Sam from OSW is in Singapore. Not sure if he can help.


Awesome. Forgot about that. Yes, I will try!


Just sorted out some forum issues and was able to login after a very long time.

I know aiktina , I’ll drop him a text. I am not sure if he is willing to ship the item


Aiktina told me he will register an account here and get in contact with you.

By the way Singaporean , not singaporian


Forgive my German mothertongue :singapore:

Thanks a lot for bringing us together!


hi chpo
aiktina here - you can contact me via aiktina143@gmail.com

GS - thanks for contacting me.