[SOLVED] E&S 18001 body compability help

Plan to revisit my old E&S 18001 (”Zeke”/Brad Pitt) just for the kicks of it.
My question is if the HS and boots (peg-type supplied in the set) will be compatible with the E&S 2.0 body?

(I forgot that I had a E&S 2.0 body lying around🤦🏻‍♂️)
The HS does fit but it’s very loose. Actually the HS fits better with a DAM 2.0. Interesting.
Still very loose but nothing that some blue tack can’t fix. So I’m going with the DAM 2.0 instead.

First gen ES body pegs for the neck and ankles are very close to Hot Toys sizing. First gen heads transfer easily to a Hot Toys or the older DAM bodies and the same should hold true for the boots. You can use blutack as you mention to make the 1.0 head stay in place on the 2.0 body if it uses a connector like the one on the Zeke head or if you have one with the sculpted neck.

Second gen ES body has it’s own sizing and the neck and ankle pegs on those are larger in diameter than Hot Toys or DAM. If you change the inner sleeve inside the head that holds the neck peg on the heads designed for the 2.0 body you can use them on other bodies. Using boots designed for the 2.0 bodies will require some bodge work due to the different peg sizes. Usually I just replace them with cloth boots at that point.

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Thanks for your help🙂
I also found out that a pair of E&S molded boots with E&S footspegs (with some light struggle and heating up) fits a DAM 2.0 body.
Look how I learned!:laughing:

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Does anybody know if the Coomodel bodies have neck articulation that is similar to those of the DAM bodies? And can Hot Toys bendable feet and DAM toys hands fit on Phicen bodies?

Also, can you confirm that a pair of E&S 1.0 wristpegs fits the older DAM arms?
Reason for asking is ’cause I tried a par of 1.0 E&S wristpegs on a 2.0 DAM and they fit really good and I plan to swap out the flimsy E&S 1.0 bodys to a couple of older DAM ones.
Thank you for your help straighten out some of my questionmarks.

They should fit them just fine as DAM hasn’t changed their wrist peg spec between generations of their bodies. At worst you may need to file them slightly or use a bit of tape around them to get the exact fit desired. The first generation DAM bodies are a good replacement as they are quite broad like the first ES bodies and fit the clothing relatively well.

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Thanks-a-bunch Adam! That does it; I’m going with DAM👍🏼