South Korean Special Forces

Good idea to start this, I’ll add a few if you don’t mind. I like the fact that they still use black kit, as well as that Kryptek (?) pattern. The KSG shotguns are nice too.

49858754_2105294296197189_2879135446887200456_n 45824471_1766268813502213_4978475931226456945_n

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You are welcome :wink: :+1:. Cool photos and i like the black kit too. The KSG is a nice shotgun and looks great with that operators.

Great variety of weapons used. The hobby is far behind!

Wow…Some of my forces!!! Great pics guys!

Agreed! In the last couple years I’ve found myself getting fatigued with all the US SOF figures (no harm meant - it’s just market oversaturation). The only US units I’m interested are CAG and maybe some of the more obscure ones like SARCs and SOWT, simply because all the other ones are overdone in comparison to foreign forces. So now I’m bashing/researching foreign forces almost exclusively.

Davinator65, your SOF looks like a pretty cool unit kit-wise! I may have some other ROK pics stashed somewhere so I’ll post them up if I find them.

You and I think alike! Over saturation is not the word for it! I have about 200 figures of which 25 forces are foreign, meaning not US. About 130 figures are US forces!!! Not including police forces, just purely US armed forces… Man, I am glad DAM & SS is doing some other forces, but for God Sake! Enough Russian and Chinese…LOL!

I rarely collect US forces these days. In fact the last ones I got was the E&S Tandem Jumpers, just because no one has done one of these…I had to get it…:tired_face:

If you notice, they are not wearing woodland camo. They changed because N. Korea went to woodland camo…LOL!

Interesting about the woodland camo. Not to mention Kryptek is a pretty sweet pattern. I wonder how NK SOF would compare to these guys, head to head…

Quite the mix of camo patterns there. And gear too.


Do the South Korean forces have a unit similar to 160th SOAR, or is that a SOAR MH-6 being used? I dig the KSG being used in that picture. I am very intrersted in the optic used too. I could almost bash this figure right now.

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Bash it!! I often find myself stopping short projects because I’m missing one piece or the other. And I know you’re capable of a pretty sweet kitbash.

The optic - and I could be way off here - is actually what appears to be a flashlight with a small RMR-style micro dot mounted on top.

In answer to your question Mike, no. Not to my knowledge. They are constantly training with the Blackhawks, jumping with parachutes.

These are modern S. Korean Forces in 1/6! The digital woodland was customize! The desert pattern was bought from a store here in Korea.

These are old woodland versions, but notice the background… The truck! That is a Korean Army vehicle that they use today! And the most impressive thing about it…HE MADE IT FROM SCRATCH!!! 2 VEHICLES, BOTH DIFFERENT!!! Man, I forgot to shot the other jeep, but the headlights light up. You can partly see the jeep on the right side.


Not sure if these are special forces:


Hey Christoph,

The top and the bottom pics are of SF in Korea. The two in the middle are just regular forces. You can clearly see the patch on the bottom pic. Nice pics…

On the top pic…I am not too sure, but it looks as if it has the tiger seal.