Spanish El Grupo Especial de Operaciones (GEO)



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Interesting mix of gear and weapons, and some of the standard “glamor shots”. This would be a nice figure, tho there’d be complaints of “another man in black”, if a company tried it.



Not too much available of the Spanish GEO. Only got to know it through Rainbow SIx actually. Wonder, if they are really using FN2000 rifles or they are just for show.
Mostly, their clothing gear looks similar to the former German SEK units.



I would personally love to see a new FN2000 or CETME made in 1/6



I think the FN2000 was just for balance purposes in R6S, as there is only one picture I’ve found of GEO with that rifle. Maybe they were trialling the system. According to wiki, GEO uses:
ARs: SG 551/552s, HK G41 and HK33
SMGs: MP5s and P90s
Sidearm: USP and P226
DMR: HK PSG1, DSR-1, Sako TRG-41 and 21, Sako A-11 and HK G3SG1

I agree that the overall look of the unit is very German, with the bulky, shielded helmet and significant armour coverage. But the berets and stylish all-black look are very Mediterranean.