Special forces/pmc - quick bash


Hi all

No real aim on this, ie represents an exact figure or military arm. Just really liked the jacket (E&S urban pmc) built up from that.

E&S skipper (specter head) = copied & added beard, then painted
E&S urban sniper jacket
Webbing E&S pmc syria (I think) weathering applied
Gloves soldier story USAF PJ
Rifle from Mini times collection, not bad
Trousers ebay - weathering powders applied

Not finished - few bits like to add, like zip ties, grenades/flash bangs.side arm… Etc. comms thinking single ear low profile type.

Headwear? Cap maybe? Helmet not sure? Leave as is show off paint job

No idea what pictures will look like. Had to re-size each photo and I am clueless about this stuff (plus really cba with photography in general). pain in ass, use to upload lovely before. Using Chromebook adds drama as well, gotta ditch it for apple.

Hey ho, thats an hour and 20mins lost



Very nicely done. :+1:


From the looks of your source images from here and previous posts they have a higher resolution, related to the megapixel setting on your camera. Smartphones especially like to default to very high megapixel settings. Mine for example defaults to either 40 megapixel or 10 megapixel depending on the photo mode, which is total overkill as most viewing devices are below 5 megpixel in resolution and increasing the megapixel count doesn’t really add additional detail at a certain point as the quality of the optics outweighs the mexapixels. The high megapxiels are more for when you want to do a very large print of a photo.

Often times with internet software or websites there is usually a limit on the maximum image sizes in resolution and file size they can process as an input as these can be resource intensive in terms of storage space and processing. In an ideal world I could set it up so the web browser would force images to be resized on the users device as they upload, but for devices like smartphones, tablets, or a chromebook that would overwhelm the available memory those devices typically have as it would have to be done in memory on the device. It’s easy enough for users with a desktop or notebook to do the resizing prior to uploading, but I realize for users with smartphones and tablets that gets a bit trickier so I’ve rebalanced the software to allow an image upload of up to 10 megapixels as long as it is below 5 MB. If you are uploading multiple files of that size in a batch you may have to break them up into smaller batches. Give it a try now and see if that works easier for you now.

As for your bash, perhaps a beanie or a cap given the more civvie wear. Beard blends in quite nicely.


AdamC - Thanks. Its me. New smartphone has a much better camera. Ive just gotta do some editing when moving pics
Bash - ordered some bright beanies from ebay…this bloke going to be a PMC.