Special German Polizei Units (GSG9, SEK, etc)


Here’s a mix of German special police units (GSG-9, SEK, etc) from the last 5-10 years. Correct me if I’ve mis-ID’d any of them.

Note the increased use of RG Crye, cool LCS plate carriers and pouches, extensive armour coverage in the form of sweet-looking helmets (a German police signature) and groin/upper arm protection. Also the wide array of weapons - MP5s, G36s, MP7, 870, Glocks, SCARs, 417, 416, and some more AR variants. Also note the Lowas, which indicate that these guys have good taste in footwear if nothing else.

Also of note - GSG-9 now uses GPNVG-18s.

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Some very cool shots, thanks for the uploads! I noticed an AUG in a photo or two; how common are those in German service?



They actually don’t use AUGs. Usually Austrian police units. Where did you see them?



I can not see one :smile:. There are only G36 in different Versions, MP5 and MP7. That are the Standrd weapons for German Police Elite Units.
The GSG 9 is a Border Patrol Group. Only the GSG 9 and the KSK from the German Bundeswehr can be used in foreign countries to rescue people. All other Police Units can only operate in Germany.
Also different is the “Zentrale Unterstützungsgruppe Zoll (ZUZ)”. The German Customs Control. This Unit supports the “Customs investigation offices” and the Police. The requirement profile of an ZUZ Officer is comparable with SEK and GSG 9.

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Thanks for the info! I may have accidentally dropped in some foreign polizei, I find that regionally a lot of them are starting to look similar.



These look pretty much all German to me. We only had difficulties spotting the AUG.

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Thanks for the unit clarification, I will admit I don’t know German law enforcement groups well. The officer second from the far left has a carbine AUG is why I asked,



Good eye. Looks indeed like an Aug A3. It’s either SEK or their new anti terror unit. Never knew they use something else than HK and an Aug is quite rare in this regard.



Eagle Eye :wink: :+1:. Good catch. It coud be that this photo shows members of “Einsatzkommando Cobra” (Operational Command Cobra) from Austria. The designation “Polizei” (Police) on their patches is used in Germany and Austria. Also in 2017 there was an international Anti-Terror-Meeting in Austria with Police Units from Germany (SEK, GSG 9), Slowakia, Slowenia and Hungary. Perhaps this is an group photo of German and Austrian Police members.