Another great figure with PKP. This gun is overdue with tactical accessories.


Wow, that is an amazing bash. Would buy a boxed figure of that in a heartbeat. Thanks for sharing this.

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very cool, where is the PKP from please?

Pretty sure it’s the this one in the link below, but customized with rail etc

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Could be, lots of mods done to the original. it is so hard to find a quality PKP to buy :frowning:

To my knowledge, DAM released the only quality one, but it’s lacking tactical accessories.

Here a kitbash with another modified PKP:

There is only DAM’s earlier one which has room for improvement and then that very basic 4d assembly model. The tactical variants we’ve seen in kitbashes have had some nice scratch built styrene pieces. This is a nicely presented bash but the Mayflower gear used here isn’t accurate which is understandable as accurate gear either hasn’t been done or is in short/non-existent supply at the moment. In that post another user showed some impressive modified pieces.

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Wow, those are sweet too. Glad I picked up two PKP’s when they were released.

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Very nicely put together, well thought out bash. I really like the homemade FSB Counter Terrorism Center patch.