Spetsnaz - ФСБ Альфа (FSB) in Dagestan, 2011

Hi all, I’m dipping a toe into the Spetsnaz pond. This will be the first of many. I’m new to non-Western subject matter so be gentle if there are any glaring inaccuracies with kit.

1st Line / Uniform

  • Boots: Rocky S2V, Black (DAM. American boots, yes, but I think they look good)
  • Top: M81 sniper’s tunic (DAM)
  • Pants: French CCE (ES)
  • Patches: FSB Hi-Vis (DAM)
  • IFF: Yellow IRT armband (DAM)
  • Gloves: OR Ironsight, tan (ES)
  • Joint Protection: Blackhawk! kneepads, black (VTS)
  • Helmet: RYS-T, black (DAM)
  • Face covering: Skull balaclava (unknown)

2nd Line

  • Armour: Fort Defender 2, Emerald, Diagonal MOLLE (DAM)
  • LBV: SRVV MBS harness, black (DAM)
  • Drop leg: Blackhawk! Double rifle/double pistol subload, black (PH + custom)
  • Radio: VX, black (PH)
  • Pouch set: SRVV black, Camelbak bladder, black/OD (DAM/VTS)


  • Rifle: AS VAL w/ EOTECH 512 on Zenitco (?) scope mount (DAM)
  • Sidearm: Glock 17 Gen 3, 19 rd mag (ES)

I was originally going to put this guy in a GORKA-3 but wanted some variety here. The top is M81 (American camo) and the pants are CCE (French camo), and both patterns have seen extensive use with various Spetsnaz units from the 2000s-2010s. Accuracy is not the main goal, just been messing around a bit.


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unnamed srvv-smock-set-cce


I think it came out pretty well. Another nice bash Canuck.

Looks great to me, very impressive work.

Awesome bash, I really like that combo m81 and CE camo! Looking forward to what you create next.

Thanks guys. The M81 + French camo only came about because I don’t have M81 pants.

How did you adhere that rail adaptor to the Val rifle? I’ve had a hard time trying to do that on my end.

It was a real pain tbh. I had to shave down the connecting piece on the VAL’s receiver and use way too much super glue. More of a brute force type of thing

Excellent figure. IMO it represents what kitbashing is all about. Two thumbs way up!!

Thanks man, much appreciated!