Spetsnaz - unit tbc

Hi all

Must be the time for Spetsnaz kit bashes. I have not yet decided figures specific unit yet, awaiting some patches in the post.

Head sculpt out of my collection, painted by me
Helmet Pro Tec (ACE) modified (by me) to look more FAST technology. Many head sculpts too large for Dam/E&S etc helmets. So I looked to create my own extra large helmet. Pro Tec helmet: Cut sides away and made straps, optic mount & side rail (from a one piece mould),. Then applied a homemade russian cam transfer over the helmet.
Radio cheap online purchase
Headset (damtoys)
Mechanix Gloves
A-tacs uniform (no idea on manufacturer)
Black knee pads (Damtoys)
Fort Redut-5T Body Armor (BLK damyoys)
Chest rig (BLK damtoys)
AK-74M 30R MAG (damtoys)
AK-74M 60R MAG (damtoys)
AK105 (DamToys Elite Firearms Series 2)
Shades (online multi pack purchase)
Radio pouch flecktarn (damtoys)
COMBAT BELT MULTICAM (DiD old accessory pack)
BELT POUCHES Very Hot multicam (weathered by me)
Various accessories on webbing - pen, chemical light sticks, etc

Final picture: gun set online purchase - set included ASVAL/ M240B/PKP/RPK 74, painted by me.

Enjoyed Russian bash (plan is to do more), thanks to all those posting ref pictures on this forum massive help/inspiration.


That is AMAZING! I love the PKM in particular.

Cool Figure. Fantastic paintjob on this head.

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Looks awesome to me. I like the varied weaponry as well.

Russian special forces do not wear a beard. The Chechen special forces have black beards.

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I like the whole thing, and the head strikes me as someone who’s spent a lot of time operating in “the back of beyond”.

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TBH tried many heads. Came down to final 4, this head just looked so good, looking at the bash overall.

Used artistic license: just felt must be a time when long term operations, means operatives cannot shave.

Most images are pixelated or balaclavas are being worn. Have seen the odd photo covering Syria conflict, facial hair can be seen (very rare}. However, most of the training photos we see do show a clean face (again when face not pixelated or balaclava worn).