Springfield Armory M14E2 SAW

Hey fellas,

As shown in a few threads that I started last year, I got my hands on a number of COO Model M14s - including this, the Springfield Armory M14E2 Squad Automatic Weapon. While the COO Model pieces are far from great, and are not even in the same league as those being produced by E&S and DAM, they do serve as a good starting point for a little gunsmithing. I started work on this build pre-COVID, and got it to its current state a couple of months ago, but haven’t shared her with you yet.

The original came in an ugly ‘desert camo’ paint scheme with little semblance of the original wood stock version. This project gave me an opportunity to practice replicating wood grain. I am pretty happy with the results, but would love to hear what you think of her.

To create the woodgrain effect, the stock was painted in light tan, followed by a couple of layers of alternating browns and khakis to imitate the growth rings an tonal variation in the wood. Using a stiff brush to leave streaks, I then covered this with burnt sienna oil paint. When dry, this was later darkened with a series of washes to better resemble the original walnut stock. While it may be a little hard to see in the photos, all of this work paid off and the grain does look quite realistic. You be the judge…



While I am quite happy with the way it now looks, she is not quite complete. I just noticed that I haven’t reattached the selector switch. I was thinking of trying the replicate the holes in the dust cover, but have decided against it as I do not think that I am going to be able to make them straight or neat enough by hand. Rather than risk screwing it up, I think I will leave it as is, although I do still need to finish up the paintjob on the dust cover. I have also attempted to build the distinctive muzzle device common to the E2, but as with the dust cover, wasn’t able to get the holes straight and it cheapened the whole thing. I may take another crack at this later, but will leave it as is for now.

As always, your thoughts/comments/suggestions are welcomed.


Wow! Great work! I love it!

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The wood grain paint job is absolutely great! Really well done!

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