SS NSW SS-109 Update?

Anyone hear when Soldier Story’s NSW Winter Warfare “Marksman” (SS-109) will REALLY start to be delivered? By far the longest dragged out release I can remember.

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A question that for the moment remains without any real answer. The last info I got, it was announced now for July 2019. If it actually comes out this month, deliveries should begin in August 2019. :wink:

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I heard Voodoo for August 2019, SS109 for end of the year!

Hey, as long as SS107 doesn’t get canceled, I’ll be a happy camper. I need five of those M249s.

From a recent post at BBICN it looks like Voodoo is expected for July/August split shipments, then other products will be after that. It seems like it will probably be quite lean release-wise into fall/next year for them. Voodoo delay is due to problems with the AOR1 fabric.

Thanks for all the replies! I got into this hobby about 4 years ago, but more so in the last two years. Up to 11 built, 1 under construction and 4 in waiting. Only one I really have my eyes set on right now is SS-109. Oh, and the Damtoys DEA. THAT one looks amazing with so many options to go with!!! Considering doing a DEA Afghanistan FAST Team member with it…or not. :grin:

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This one I have been waiting and waiting for from my supplier. Still no signs…

Looks like they just released the SS111 first, which might have caused any delay.