SS115 CTRU Assault Team

Quick look:

Box comes with same dimensions as the former mooncake ones, but with thinner walls. Hence. less protection, but also less shipping weight. Mine arrived intact though. Also my first complete figure with the new black and softer bottom tray, which effects the opening in a positive way as the items won’t jump out of their designated spots, even when being more rough on it.

Please note that the following impressions are concerning my items only. Sometimes you are lucky or unlucky in receiving a good or bad batch


  • Same muscle arms as SS097
  • No glue stains on my boots
  • Head is “fine” to look at
  • Overall good QC
  • Patches come with 100% velcro
  • No gas mask in gas mask pouch, which was communicated by SS, but cheap anyway
  • Goggles come without the strange spot in the middle (approx. position of nose). SS097 was perfect, SS103 somehow had it, but removed for SS115. Don’t ask me what happened here with SS.

Some things that caught my eye:

As ususal, ID picture fits the actual 1/6 headsculpt, like SS102 and SS103 or SS112

Never knew the Xiphos light is slightly offset

Red markings on smg and pistol are rubber bands, so no problem to remove them. Hopefully, SS116 will be same, with the 516 rifle

How the bullet catch attaches. In combination with the scope it will have a good hold. Won’t remain in place without though. Red band on bullet catch is painted and can’t be removed

Straight barrel!

Shield frame is kind of metal and quite heavy

Cuffs are soft rubber and remind me on the SS037 ones. Are also functional

Not assembled yet. Might add an update later


  • Everything fits quite well, only the cuffs pouch is too small or not properly sewn, no water bottle for bottle pouch available.
  • Headset adapter slide on easily and helmet set overall looks well executed
  • No need for helmet padding due to the K-pop hair style. Figure it out before you apply the padding and make up your mind
  • A niggle here: too little equipment for too many pouches provided, but I had loose gear to fill most of them

The Glock looks to be the same one as the German SEK figure with the red band added. Nice to see that released again.

The MP-5 Looks awesome. The brass catcher looks cool too.