SS120 Weapons: Brief Overview

I bought all three weapons loose plus the patches for my collection. They arrived yesterday and look good.

First of all, I didn’t spot any QC issues on all of them and the paint jobs had no inconsistencies at all.

Unbelievable, but all accessories fit on the rails without any adjustments.
The extended rail is less fragile than the ES one and no bent barrels.
WMX200 and the scope are new moulds from SS. Note, that this WMX version can’t be folded like the ES one.
PEQ also seems to have a new paint job.
Only negative so far, the cables of the switch don’t properly fir into the too big holes of the attachments.
Charging handle is quite good and slides better than the former SCARs.
Stock is tight and I wouldn’t open without removing the pin from the stock hinge to avoid damage.
Disassembly is the usual. No added pin like the ES SCARs. Still advantage for ES here.

It’s basically the Voodoo one in black with the QR code printed on it, but without the silencer adapter/longer barrel. Slide works well and is not too loose.

Pirate gun:
Should be the SS084 one in different colors, minus the to top rail, which was glued on for the Zero Dark Thirty. Locking mechanism is a bit tight, but works. Slight scratch on the barrel. Not sure if this happened past production or not. Grenades still don’t fit inside the tube unless using much force which I didn’t dare to attempt.

All in all good items I would definitely recommend to purchase if you can get your hands on it.

(I didn’t consider/involve any politics in this review like delays or availability)


Very nice summary. Less QC Issures are always good :smile:.

I got the Mk.17 and pirate gun and will echo what Christoph said. These are very well done and do not reflect any of Soldier Story’s recent production problems. I can’t speak as to the rest of the figure, but if it is this well done it shows Soldier Story’s still got it. Provided they can get funding before they produce a figure, that is.

I couldn’t get a grenade to fit in my pirate gun either, so it will remain unloaded. The AAC suppressor is from one of my other SS Mk.17s - I think it complements the look very well.

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Uh…I never knew that they called it a “pirate gun…” Yeah…those are pretty old and the grenades that it holds are not correct dimensionally. I have one that fits into that M79 but mine is a ACE. Not to sure if that one is an ACE but it looks like a DML.