ССО Сенеж (SSO Senezh) Competition Loadout, 2016

Hey all, more SSO Senezh subject matter. I’ve been messing around with figures based off the photoset below, since it’s a pretty sweet mixture of kit.

This one is from a few years before Senezh (seemingly) went the super high-speed route, with LCS plate carriers and VOIN fatigues. Spetsnaz competition loadouts are interesting because they tend to be more “slick” than they would be for operations (where they’re often very heavily armoured).

1st Line / Uniform

  • Footwear: Merrell MOAB GTX (ES)
  • Fatigues: Ars Arma CP Gen. 3, ATACS-AU (DAM)
  • Gloves: Oakley SI gloves, black (DAM)
  • Belt: SRVV Riggers, black (DAM)
  • IFAK + shears: ANA IFAK, OD w/ shears (DAM)
  • Frags: SRVV 2x grenade pouches, OD (DAM)
  • Dump: WarTech Maroder UP-113, tan (DAM)
  • Mag pouch: Bastion Shingle “Fort”, OD (DAM)
  • Holster: SSO/SPOSN “Assault Compact”, OD / SRVV holster (DAM)


  • Bucket: LZSH 1+, black (SS)
  • Cover: VOIN cover, MC (DAM)
  • Flag: Full-colour Russian patch (DAM)
  • Strobe: Adventure Lights VIP Beacon, black (SS)
  • Comms: PELTOR Comtac, OD (DAM)
  • Neck gaiter: OR face cover, tan (SS)

2nd Line

  • Armour: Fort Defender 2, OD, Diagonal MOLLE (DAM)
  • Mags: 2x Fort / 1x WarTech MP-117, OD (DAM)
  • Pistol mags: 1x WarTech MP-118, MC / 2x SRVV pistol, OD (DAM)
  • TQ: 1x NAR TQ, black (DAM)
  • Canteen: SRVV Canteen pouch, OD (DAM)
  • Radio: Fort Bastion pouch / VX radio, black + tan (DAM)
  • IFF: IRT band, yellow / small (DAM)


  • Rifle: Russian-produced AR-15, Leupold MK 4 HAMR, Magpul AFG, Magpul CTR, Magpul D60, SSO/SPOSN RT-3 sling (DAM, ES, FS)
  • Sidearm: Stock Glock 17, 19 rd mag, lanyard (ES, SS)



Like the way how you list your parts used and show your reference pictures at the end. Good work!

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Thanks! Honestly that’s part of the fun for me, trying to stay as accurate as possible with research - while also having some fun occasionally.

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Another great bash Canuck. Love the M4 and the Magpul drum. Yep, all around nice job.

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Again a nice one! :+1:

You beat me with your flood of kitbashes! :sweat_smile:

Haha well all it’s taken is a global pandemic for me to have the time… you’re killing it as always too! Thanks guys.

Another very cool bash man, I really like the mixture of Russian and western gear!

Thanks! That’s why I’ve become obsessed with this era of Spetsnaz, there are so many possibilities