ССО Сенеж (SSO Senezh) Protective Detail, 2019

Yet another Russian, not FSB this time. This figure is from SSO Senezh, one of the many Spetsnaz groups. Based on reference pictures of operators protecting Russian journalists in Syria recently.

Based on some limited research, Senezh seems pretty high-speed (relative to other units). They seem to be big on LCS (Laser cut) plate carriers, uniforms from VOIN and pretty tricked-out AKs. Feel free to step in and correct me on anything here.

1st Line / Uniform

  • Footwear: New Balance 570? (DAM)

  • Top: Plaid shirt (ACI)

  • Under shirt: RealTree Mossy Oak long-sleeve (DAM)

  • Pants: ANA “City-Military”, Grey (VTS)

  • Hat: UA black ball cap w/ Russian flag patch (PH, DAM)

  • Face covering: OR Neck Gaiter, tan (SS)

  • GPS: Garmin 401 Foretrex (DAM)

  • Belt: WarTech “Vector” TV-106, ATACS FG (DAM)

  • Pouches: SRVV/Predator/WarTech IFAK, Dump pouch, holster, GP, OD (DAM)

  • Drop leg: SRVV/Predator drop-down MOLLE, OD (DAM)

2nd Line

  • PC: Condor LCS Sentry, MBC shoulder pads, Tan/OD (ES + DAM)
  • Front: ANA “AK-Fast” pouch x3, MC (ES)
  • Seatbelt-Cutter (SS)
  • Chemlight, carabiner, sling (DAM + SS)
  • Radio: VX, black (PH)


  • Rifle: AK 105, Zenitco rails, Aimpoint T2 (low-rise mount), PEQ16, SRVV Foregrip (?), Bulgarian Flash Hider, misc stock (DAM, HT, ES)
  • Sidearm: APS Stechkin, camo (DAM)
  • Knife: Gerber BFG (DAM)



Very interesting. Nice Job on that Figure. Looks very natural in that pose. The AK105 is cool too.

Looks awesome to me Canuck.

Excellent figure altogether. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!! :+1: :+1:

Thanks guys, more Senezh subject matter coming soon (probably). Glad you like the AK105, it’s made with parts from the rifle of the VTS “Revenger” figure and the FSB Alpha AK105. As well as some other HT stock.

Another real winner man. Love the low key look, reminds me a lot of some of the pics of Zaslon operators I’ve seen in some mid-east diplomatic protection deployments. Keep these coming!

Thanks! Actually my next (or one of the next) will be an SVR guy.

Wow! What a awesome figure! :+1: And the pose looks very cool, too! Good job!

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