-STOPPED- AM-95 Helmet (Medicom Cobra based)


I finally wanna do this for my SEK figure.

I already got the Medicom Cobra helmet:

I took out the helmet straps and removed the visor first

The strap I will replace by a Hot Toys GIGN helmet strap. The original Cobra helmet strap was just too small to fit a head sculpt which is not bald

Yes, I was stupid enough to damage a GIGN helmet. Superglue dripped on the visor. I got replacement, but it was expensive and strenous to track down

My only problem now is putting this cloth cover. Anyone any tips, advices etc.?


I went ahead and bought cloth in two different greys. 100% cotton, 140gr/m²

I decided for the lighter grey

Next step measuring dimensions

Sewing the base

More measuring


Too loose

Making it a better fit

Cutting out the head phone section

I wasn’t completely satisfied with the outcome, so I borrowed a sewing machine and bought grey thread to do it again. It looks much cleaner now.

Painted the helmet black tohave no green color shining through anywhere

Applied a velcro patch on the back

I decided to glue the cover onto the helmet. Thinking of how to do it lately I couldn’t come up with anything better

Problem now that I need to figure out how to do the earphone cover properly. This project will probably be a bit delayed again.

To be continued


For scratch repair/glue removal you might want to check out the video below. I haven’t tried it yet but I know lots of people in the scale model hobby use it for fixing clear parts.

For the helmet cover there was a user on OSW that used to do custom covers. I believe his user name was pemgreene. You could also try any local sewing places and see if they would be able to do one for you.


That’s a good procedure. Next time I will rather save my money and work on the damaged parts.


It’s a good one to keep in mind. I find with a lot of the older helmets with clear visors they often had scratches/scuffing out of the box.


And then they are so rare and expensive!

I see the PMSC arrived. Is the AK in hand still as good looking as in the promo pics? At least I saw the Zhukov imprint on the stock!


Looks good from a quick glance. Had to pick up the shipment late in the evening so didn’t have much time to check it out between getting photos done and listing the product.


Finally making progress. Hope I can show you soon and my SEK figure will come with a helmet then.


I’m glad I had the opportunity to look around today. This is a bold undertaking.
PemGreene/Josh Russell, might be contacted thru BlackOpsToys, or, I believe he is on FB, as Joshua Russell.
With OSW closed off to me, I can’t access his contact info there, if it still exists. He sort of stepped away, a while back.


Thanks. Adam mentioned him as well. Didn’t try to contact him so far, because I had little time coming back to this project. If I should struggle in the future I’ll have him in mind.


This is truly an awesome project!!!
Very nice work there!


Thank you. After I figure out the last part of the cover, it’s pretty complete. I alreday have the visor, headphones and helmet straps ready.


I have to agree. That will look real good when all said and done. I was very late to the party for Medicom. I know while most parts are not stellar, how was the scale? The helmet looks to be normal size without needing to use a pin head for it.


They pretty much nailed 1/6 scale with their parts. Base body was almost about an inch smaller though. The overalls/jumpers hardly fit a SS body. You need to squeeze it in.
I only own two figures. The Cobra GEK helmet needed a bald head due to the tight straps. The Japanese SAT helmet fits every headsculpt.