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BBICN user guitar recently posted an unboxing of the delayed SuperMCTOYS FSB Alpha figure accessory kits. Judging by the photos it looks like the extra time taken polishing the sets has paid off, with the fabric pieces in particular looking well done. The product has yet to hit retail shelves in China but should start…

Usually in hand pics are worse than the product shots, but these are very good. Also good to know a SS body seem to fit just right. Hope a DAM body fits as well, because they do the Russian head sculpts.

Should be fine as the dimensions are virtually the same as Soldier Story.

Finally, had mine on pre-order with MD for ages now.

Is that the VTS axeman headsculpt in the pics?

Yes that is the headsculpt they are using.

So it fits a Soldier Story body?

If you swap the inner neck plug (silicone part) you can swap heads between different brands as long as the neck peg lengths are similar and the opening at the bottom of the head is large enough (some heads sit slightly over the neck). I haven’t tried DAM --> SS myself.

Should finally have these on hand either Thursday or Friday, more likely Friday knowing customs.

And customs throws a curve ball:

Held, cleared regulatory agency(s) after aircraft/truck departed

Moved to Monday.

Now MCToys is close to a year gap between announcement and release. At least it’s coming.

I browsed through loose parts on Taobao already, but I never saw a green SPOSN suit. Are they actually made or is it a big joke?

This suit makes almost 50% of the figure to me. Otherwise it’s “just” another black ops.

US customs sees Russian material - 5 days to clear customs. Canadian Customs sees Russian related material - 1 hour to clear customs :laughing:. I guess we will see about the green. Typically the dealers there sell out very fast if they list items like that. I think overall many collectors are tired of seeing anything in black at this point. I’ve always noticed things sell best when you have a new camo/color/etc. So far brands only seem to grasp that idea when it comes to painting plastic.

Like cold war has never gone.

I can totally understand. If only 10% of the black version has a green suit. I mean go crazy for it, too. Some people would probably sell their mom for this.

I have seen some pretty crazy prices there for rare pieces (more so than this one), people paying $100 USD or more for a single item.

I wonder what most people find better, a X in Y chance of finding an item in a figure, or having to chase down a figure that is made in limited quantity. Usually I find with the limited quantity dealers end up selling them for $50-100 more than the brand/distributor intends so that usually ends up with frustrated customers.

I prefer the limited quantity. It’s more expensive, but at least I can pre-order it. With loose items I need to check all the item, which is tiring. I wanted the SS 102 MP5 once. It was loose on myfigurestore. I came a few hours late and it was gone. Spending 300 on the whole figure now would be mad.
Therefore I would really appreciate your possible future pre-order option for parts, when your store is finished.

But what if preorders sell out too? :laughing:

It is definitely on the list of things to look at implementing. Just working through annual taxes/inventory then that is next on the list to get up and running with a soft launch. Hopefully we’ll be able to do some testing in the next few weeks.

How much would it be for the AK and GM-94 Adam?

Funny you say this. This figure was actually sold out on vstore before release. However limited boxed items you can still get overpriced on ebay later. Loose parts maybe not.
At least there is availability.

Sent you a message. In case you haven’t accessed those before, if you click on your avatar in the top navigation pane (upper right of screen) you can find the messages link at the top of the pop up menu.

Yeah that can be a problem as every preorder has a cutoff time with a distributor or brand and some focus more on preselling as much as they can so they have no risk once the product is actually released. I would probably want to have a balance where maybe a few for preorder, then the rest when stock arrives. Given the lengthy delays on products not really interested in taking prepayments for anything so just a bit of work to separate out those products in the checkout and figure out the best way to handle cart logic when someone ads a preorder item to non-preorder item in the cart. Alternative is to add a token deposit. Technically most preorders qualify as a violation of your paypal merchant account if you take prepayment without delivery in x days. With a typical credit card processor it is easier as you would capture an authorization on the card, then charge just prior to shipping. Most just chose to ignore the rules and charge on checkout either deposit or full, or they opt to manually bill later.