SuperMCToys Russian Spetsnaz FSB Alfa Group 3.0 (Спецназ ФСБ Группа Альфа)

Item N°

Super Magic Cube Toys

  • M-069A



  • SSO Assault Overall (BLK / GREEN)
  • Cloth Gloves (BLK)
  • OAKLEY SI Assault Boots
  • Tactical High-Viz Armband


  • Altyn (Алтын) Helmet w/ Helmet Cover (BLK) :ru:
  • Ratnik (Ратник) Ballistic 6B34 Goggles
  • Balaclava (BLK)

Vest and Pouches

    • Small Debris Pouch
    • Double AK Mag Pouch
    • Rapid Reload AK Mag Pouch x2
    • Pistol Mag Pouch :fu:
    • Double Grenade Pouch
    • Bottle Pouch
  • FSB FORT “Attack” Bulletproof Vest
  • Tactical Belt
    • Magazine Dump Pouch
    • Tactical Drop Leg MOLLE Platform x2
      • Double Grenade Pouch x2
  • SRVV Backpack (BLK)

Tactical Gear

  • SRVV X-PADS Knee
  • Rope
  • Carabiner D Ring
  • Nalgene 1000ml Wide Mouth Bottle


  • Vertex Standard VX-600 Radio
    • Vertex Standard VX-600 Radio Pouch


  • AK-74M (Автомат Калашникова- 1974 Модернизированный) :ru:
    • AK-74 Mag 5.45×39mm (30rd) (BROWN)
    • AK-74 Mag 5.45×39mm (30rd) x4 (BLK)
    • Double Rail AK Side Mount
    • ZenitCo “2P Klesh” Tactical Light (“2П Клещ” )
    • ZenitCo Grip RK-4 (РК-4)
    • AK-74 Silencer
    • Aimpoint M2 Red Dot Sight
    • AK Sling
  • GM-94 (Гранатомет Магазинный -94) :ru:
    • VGM-93 43×30mm (ВГМ-93) x4
  • APS (Автоматический Пистолет Стечкина) :ru:
    • Pistol Mag 9×18mm (20rd) x2+1
    • SSO KP Vector MOLLE Holster
  • RGN (РучнаЯ Граната Наступальна) x2 :ru:
  • NOKS (НОКС) Irbis-140 w/ Sheath


  • Russian Flag Patch
  • FSB Patch

First of all, this was probably one of the most anticipated figure in 2017. I still like it and would never give it away, but there are certain flaws that don’t justify the price on this, compared to other MINT figures, considering in addition it doesn’t even include a body and headsculpt.

Thanks to @AdamC who suplied me with this set and who probably had to endure my need for this limited suit most in the progress of me tracking it down. I apologize for that!

The box art is simple and suits both versions.

On the bottom the contact details. Don’t bother anyway, you won’t get any reply.

I will use a DAM 2.0 Bady with SS bendy hands and apply the DAM 78025 PKP gunner headsculpt

This sculpt reminded me on Arnas Fedaravičius from the movie Siberian Education. Worth a watch.

DAM 2.0 Bady


The standard Telnyashka. I tried to put it on a mannequin, however the shirt started making ripping noises, so I stopped.

DAM Russian padded underpants

No more ripping noises when putting the shirt on the body

These are the most user friendly cloth gloves I ever had in hand. Took me only 2min to put them on one hand. However the material feels not so resistant, like felt and the fingers are too long.


Oakley boots

The boots slight on smoothly. Even with DAM feet that don’t bend on the toes. No need to work on the strings.

SPOSN suit (BLK)

The functional zippers and velcros


The zipper down the the ankles is not working though

SPOSN suit green, supplied by

This one actually has working zippers at the pant legs.

Otherwise it would be a pain to roll them over the boots.

Reflective armband yellow



These don’t work with velcro. You just hinge/unhinge the straps

SRVV vest

This loops on the bottom of the vest are meant for the belt.

All gear attached

Tactical belt

Armor. No plate inside. Not sure if this is like the real thing or just lazy.

SRVV backpack

Dump pouch

Rolled up

Drop leg panels

NOKS dagger.

They supply a string, but advertised this

It’s a tight fit. Won’t fall out of the sheath.

I attached the sheath to the drop leg panel, but kept it the string in full length for future use.

It’s hiding perfectly under the holster.

Holster fits very nicely.

Radio pouch and the VX-600 Radio.

Bottle and pouch

Bottle cannot be opened. At least I didn’t dare to pull too hard

Blue bottle is not transparent (got it loose)

However this can open its lid. Probably had a faulty black bottle.

SRVV admin pouch. I stored the standard flashhider inside.

Frag grenade pouch and RGN grenades

AK Mag Pouches

The elastic bands are in perfect length. Not too loose and not too tight

GL Grenades and Pistol Mag Pouches

They advertised a Pistol mag pouch, however included 3 GL Grenade Pouches. The mags don’t fit. I emailed them about it.

Ref pic shows they intended to do differently:

Replacement is the DAM 93004 DELTA FORCE - Sgt.FIRST CLASS -1993 SOMALIA Pistol Mag Pouch.

I cut the elastic bands.

Fits perfectly in here and has the same style as the MCToys set

FSB patch

Didn’t they promise sth else? It’s a sticker now.


Rope. They really expect me to coil it up myself?

This time I actually rappreciated MC’s laziness, because icychap from Youtube helped me learning how to do it. It’s not very difficult, no hidden ties as I thought. But took me some time to figure the perfect lentgh, so I didn’t need to cut off some rope or have the end hanging out.

Altyn helmet without visor. I compare it to the former M-051 helmet which is the same, just without cloth cover. However on the supplied helmet, the micro is fixed into place and can’t be rotated.

When you combine them and add a custom cloth cover you get this. Good find from @Albert_Foong

Inner linen


Goggles camo cover

The frame and the glass are very soft and have the feel of an inflatable mattress.

The goggles attached to the helmet. The goggle strap needs to be opened in order to do this.


See the comparison to the DAM one and you realize the bad quality of this plastic item. I mean they put detail into their pieces, but the plastic is cheap and the execution of the molds is also very bad.

See also my DAM APS/APB review for comparison


I will have a 5th additional grenade to put in the barrel

Safety switch not movable.

Unfolded stock

The stock is meant to be pushed down completely. It’s possible, but the thin plastic from the cut out part from the stock is fragile, will bend and therefore also turn white, like cheap bent plastic. 2nd GL on the way.


To open the barrel, I pressed it a bit downwards and then pushed forward, otherwise it might break the mechanism due to a small resistance.

Grenade inserted

Single VGM-93 grenade


Thanks to @davinator65 I can show you this opening for loading up to 4 grenades into your GL.

From below with the flap and the barrel opened

This 1:6 model somehow only takes two. One in the barrel and 1 to reload, where 3 were supposed to fit, when having a look at the 1:1.
I marked the grenade in the barrel with a circle.

AK-74M. The M actually stands for modernized.

Field stripped it accidently by trying to slide on the rail mount, which revealed this to me. The green handguard came off too, but I didn’t dare anymore. The rail mount doesn’t even have a rail so it holds basically by friction, which means it’s super tight. Due to that I broke a part of the rail and had to glue it back on.
Therefore I also didn’t remove it for the review anymore.

Fire selector

Charging handle doesn’t slide properly

Flip up sight too loose.

Rail mount. Later I managed to push it on further. Here it sits too far back.

The muzzle and silencer. Both sit appropriately tight.

Zenit grip with light. It was impossible to slide on the rifle, so I had to take off some rubber and make it more loose.

“Zenitka - 2P Klesh” smudged wording

You can slide off the grip

M2 Red Dot

The rubber covers hold perfectly on the lense/scope. You can see that the rail on both ends is a bit bent and thin. Cheap! The right end I broke therefore

Mags. Primary one is the brown.

Cheaply painted bullets. Color is all over the place.

5,45 mm

Sling is not attached yet

All gear attached


The sling attached

For the front loop, I would suggest removing the barrel first. The hook from the sling is quite rigid and hard to bend. Therefore I placed it with the opening touching the loop and held it there with one hand. Then applied pressure with my empty hand’s index finger on the hook and slid it on.

This is actually the same rifle as the M-051.

Only the barrel from the M-046. Well saved some money on tooling.

Being finished on the individual parts I see certain analogies to DID. They are quite good in doing cloth accessories. However having a look at their plastic parts, they are quite bad/cheap in quality/material and execution, although it clearly has some decent detail.

In the end every gripe can be forgiven, because it’s a great set. It even excels the DAM Alfa for me. Although it’s like 60-70% recycled stuff from older figures. The only thing that can’t be fixed is the non-existing pistol mag pouch!

To fit the vest I needed to untie these straps. It’s still a very tight fit

In order to close the zipper I inserted a pin. This always makes me worry the zipper might not be able to withstand the tension and breaks.

In the end I chose the original helmet. The Altyn with visor was too boring and I didn’t like it on this figure. I could have also swapped the visor to the other helmet, but I prefer the goggles as well.

With the VANT shield. Review for the shield down below.


Jeff, a retailer from a Malaysian figure store, probably had the last loose M-046 helmet with attachable radio cable on earth in his store and sent it to me. sixscale supplied the extra M-069A.

Playing around

I switched the cover for the radio port

The result

The helmet cover makes the space between visor and helmet so small, it’s hard to close it all the way

Having done all that I have to admit I still prefer the original visorless helmet, so I kept the surplus helmets as loose parts.

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Good review @chpo. From reading the comments on the Chinese forums it seems everyone mentions the same things. From this set and the previous USMC set it seems like the same issues/concerns, good quality on cloth items, but still some room for improvement. Improving the quality of the plastics and fitment is something they should really concentrate on as they are trying to position the brand as a higher quality option. Seems like finding that middle ground between the low end offerings and the high end offerings like DAM/SS you either have to choose better plastic items over cloth items, or vice versa.

Sorry you had so many problems with the set. It’s always disappointing when you have high expectations for something and it doesn’t deliver. Glad you managed to track down the green suit though!

As for the GM-94…the stock does fold all the way down, but you have to be really, really careful. This is why I wanted two - one to keep the stock folded, one unfolded.

The plastic really does feel like it’s going to break when you’re trying to clear the little tab that protrudes out and keeps the stock locked in place. What I did was use a small flathead screwdriver to keep the back of the stock behind the square hole pressed down as I worked it over the tab. I felt the back of the stock behind the square hole would buckle and tear otherwise. I am never going to try and fold it back up though - pretty sure it’s a one-way trip!

Great review chpo. I know I’ve had issues in the past with MC Toys (ie Beslan Spetsnaz figure) and trying to get things to fit together properly. I had to sand off portions of the radio to get it to fit into the radio pouch for instance. Putting together the AK-74M from this figure was somewhat a chore. It finally got together how I wanted it to but I’m surprised I didn’t break it by the amount of force I used. I didn’t even bother messing around with the GM-94’s stock or opening the breach to put the grenade in. I have the Gorka version and am not even sure I want to put it together at this point. I have a Soldier Story body with the DAMTOYS KSK head mounted on it just sitting there but I just might leave this one in the box.

Good to hear you all like it. Should be completed by next Friday.

I am glad to hear, that this hobby is still in a position, where customers can voice their opinions and it can matter/have an impact.
Do you just copy and paste the Chinese into a translator to read?

It was managable, but yes, a bit disappointing. You still have a gap to DAM, SS and even E&S. The weapon is probably Very Hot quality.
Getting the suit was the biggest grind in 1/6 I had since getting the SS090 SFO SCO19.

Thanks for letting me know!

Haha, I will see how that works with mine.

Google translate comes in handy. I find it easier to install the browser extension as then you can force the page to translate when google decides to be fussy. Best way for consumers to have a voice is to do an honest review of the product and mention what design faults you find and provide suggestions for where things could be improved.

It’s updated and complete now!

Great review chpo. Thanks for the tips on how to adjust some of the issues with the set.

Glad I could help out. Enjoy your Gorka!

Added a small update at the very end of this review.

Thanks for the review, I am still optimistic/enthusiastic about the figure(s), “warts and all”. I missed the Spetsnaz FSB Alfa Group Accessory Set, back in 2015, think it was MIA in one of those shipping container cluster rodeos. That made ordering the latest MC stuff a leap of faith.

Unfortunately the availability of the product is spotty. For whatever reason MC and all the other brands under that OEM aren’t consistently offered by distributors, even in China. Things have improved a bit since their rebranding.

What is this about exactly?

Just like retailers, distributors don’t carry everything that gets announced and it is left to the brand to sell direct.

Now I understand what’s the problem. Thanks

Very nice review and quite helpful when putting together my own set. Would it be possible for you to provide additional information on how you attached the knife to the drop panel? I’m at a complete loss on how to do that. Will very much appreciate it. Thank you again for your excellent review.

If you look in the small bag that has the sling and acog covers there is a small piece of black string. That is meant to be used to loop through the knife and molle webbing to attach it.

Sure, I am back home tmr. Try to post some pics the next days on how I did it exactly. Like @AdamC said you need the string though. Cheap option from MCToys :slight_smile:


Visible side of the sheath is upwards

Wrap the loop around the sheath so the string is not visible anymore covering the front

Pull both strings through the molle system

Through the sheath again and continue like this till you reach the top. You only need to pull it through two molle webbing strips at the figure’s drop leg panel.
Also my example sheath here has three gaps, so one more than the original figure.

At the end I tied a knot behind it and stored the string in the molle system like shown in the review

Just as an update. MCToys actually replied me today, 3 months later, that they don’t have any green suit left. At least I got an answer :smile: