SuperMCToys Russian Spetsnaz FSB Alfa Group 3.0 (Спецназ ФСБ Группа Альфа)


I got one of these…well actually both of them. I had no expectations, so it was all good for me.

The GM-94, you did not show after the stock is in the down position, you can actually open up the top part of the GM-94! The top part is what holds I think 3 more grenades which falls down to the chamber when the round is fired. I think that this is the best GM-94 to date. I maybe wrong…
At 2:45 you can see this.

BTW chpo…I had no idea where the knife went…LOL! Thank you very much for the help!


@chpo Thanks for the tutorial on setting the knife sheath onto the drop panel!


You are welcome. Happy to help out.


That’s awesome. How did I miss that. I tried it, but I only manage to insert 1 instead of 3. Great feature though. I will add this to my review. Thanks a lot


Thanks for that video, David! i’m going to have to check out the GM-94s I have, for how much function they include.
The video indicates what the film people that do Seagal’s eastern European “Out for Money…” movies are doing in-between filming. I wonder if FSR and Russian specops guys have techno blasting in their ear buds during operations?


I should of said “suppose to hold…” LOL! I could only fit 1 myself…LOL! But hey, they tried!

I forgot to add, that the AK74M, the top part comes off. You just have to slide it outwards. towards you. Don’t worry about the plastic. It is strong enough. I have done this several times. There is a guard, so it might take a little pressure. When you put it back in, it snaps (guard) into position.


Your welcome Mike!

Much better site to come to…loads better than the other site. Here, there is only armed figures, NO HOT TOYS HERE! LOL! So glad you recommended this to me my friend!


Are you talking about this top cover that reveals the spring, when opened? If yes, I was afraid of breaking it, due to the MCToys plastic item quality.
I might have a look though, because it worked for you, but I broke so much lately. Need to be very careful to save my money.


LOL!!! I know what you mean brother! I have broken way, way too many weapons parts…LOL! But don’t worry. It will not break.


That’s a bit encouraging. You’re adding quite some to this review. Maybe I go ahead later and take more pics of the disassembled rifle.


So what’s the story behind the green lower handguard on the AK? Always thought it was an oddball choice, but for all I know, it has a basis in reality.


I don’t recall seeing one in a ref pic showing any in military (typically on the AK’s built by US brands) use but OD green handguards are available in the the original factory style.

Interesting to see it fully taken apart. Always like when brands don’t use the old glue route.


I just got this set and still in the assembly process, my notes:

  • I actually really like the AKM, it’s sturdier than DAM’s fragile AK
  • I had to file the peg of the rail mount a little bit so that the rail mount can sit perfectly
  • The plate carrier is just too thick, I’m thinking of swapping it with a thinner version from Hot Toys
  • The vest is simply too small for the long AKM mags, I will have to sew the grenade pouches onto the vest instead of the usual molle weave.

So far this set is great IMHO, it’s not as great as DAM but I’m working hard to make it as cool as the promo pics :star_struck::star_struck:


Worked for me without, but took me several minutes to find the perfect angle and proper amount of force to slide it on. Hope, you didn’t file off any details :slight_smile:

Try to untie the threads from the vest and make the knot at a different position

True, but as long you don’t open the pouches it’s kind of alright. Reminds me on the 78015 DAM FSB Alfa Group. Same problem.

What base body did you use?


I’m using the old Hot Toys military body, the uniform fits nicely without any modification to the body. Finally finished the assembly and I ended up only doing some minor re-positioning of the pouches, I used all the parts except for the gloves.

I’ll post some pics tomorrow, really wish I’d bought two more of this :star_struck: