SVR "Zaslon" Spetsnaz

"The Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation or SVR is Russia’s external intelligence agency, focusing mainly on civilian affairs.

Within the Operations Department of Directorate S, there is the elite Special Operations (Spetsnaz) Group called Zaslon. Formerly in PGU KGB USSR called Vympel (e.g. French counterpart; Division Action). However, mere existence of such group within the SVR is denied by Russian authorities."

Again, something of a WIP. Enjoy!



Very cool bash, love the OD pattern on everything this unit wears. Is the uniform you used from the training version of the E&S HRT Officer? Also, that last reference pic looks like it might be of a Presidential Protective Service operator instead of Zaslon, but Nice work!!

Thanks! It’s DAM’s FBI SWAT uniform, KSK boots, most of the 2nd line and primary weapon is DAM SOBR. Thanks for the heads up, I’m by no means a Spetsnaz expert!

Excellent Russian bash!

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Thanks :slight_smile: I’ve caught the Russkie bug!

Very nice bash again Canuck.

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This is awesome on so many levels!!!

Good job and well done @Canuck.

Looks very good and cool photos. Very nice Figure :+1:

That’s a realy nice one! Your photos are excellent! I love them!:+1:

Thanks guys! More Russians to come.

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