T-NOTOYS x MCCTOYS T2021001 Fashionable Male Wardrobe Accessories

Parts List:

Rebel ice-axe x1
MASKA-1sh x1
Smart Sportswear Tops x1
Smart Sportswear Pants x2 (casual/ankle banded)
T-shirt x2(black/white)
Sports Shoes x1
6B13 Assaulter Body Armor x1
Tactical vest x1
F-1 grenade x4
Positive flashboard x1
Back board x2
Socks x2

Kind of reminds me of something you would see with a 90’s Russian mob character. The climbing axe is an odd choice over an AK though.

Is this a villain from a recent game, as seen in the last pic?

Character from the Escape from Tarkov game.

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That’s cool.

The street guys in the building scene in the short flick too, but without the helmet.

Wasn’t there another company that announced the same exact figure a few weeks ago.

Escape from Tarkov any fun?

Here, from Very Cool.

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Heard great things about it and how’s it is hyper realistic in terms of handling equipment, ammo, etc, as opposed to the demigod who heals from bullets in 5 seconds in call of duty. So depends on what type of shooter you’re into, I guess?

Yea what do you think? I basically just want the helmet but the very cool version seems to have the better helmet. Is it just me?

It’s the definition of chronic pain. Yes it’s very hyper realistic and nerve wrecking especially when you can lose all your hard earned gear and weapons by dying in a raid. Or you’re loaded down with loot, heading for the extraction point, and then your gunned down with only seconds to spare and you lose everything (best YouTube clips out there are those reactions). I play it and marvel at all the thought and effort that was put into the game by the developers, but it can also be extremely frustrating to play as DayZ. For those that like playing Call of Duty…this isn’t for them.

Definitely, best weapon customization I have ever seen, but never played. More realistic than Arma3?

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It’s crazy fun! You should try it out👍🏼

In case, anyone else didn’t notice, the rifle seems not to be included!

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Hell yeah, but it’s a stressful game, very tactical. You gotta be very aware of campers tho, so that ruins the fun most of the time.

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I have to say this looks a lot more “screen accurate” while you don’t get the body headsculpt or guns with this one as you do with the verycool one, you do however get an ice pick some sweet f-1 grenades and a more battered looking maska helmet. And a correct looking (for the most part) 6b13 body armor.

This game is wanting me to go play that game. Anyone play it?

Yeah I play it. There’s a big update that’s coming up soon tm. It’s hard to get into but it’s very fun at least if you do good but there’s always a way to keep going. The game handles ballistics realistically but armor isn’t at all.

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It is funny how 1/6 customs has come around. First it was Movie figures that people wanted. Then TV shows, then Anime and finally, Games. I would say that FMC (Fullmetal Customs) does TV and Movies are the greatest customs being made. In a distant 2nd place…I am talking about way down the line…Games…