Tactical Combat Shirt GEN II - Tactical Performance Corporation


Note - Russian manufacturer Slavyanka also makes copies of these via their Innovation branding. As is often the case with modern gear used in Russia it is difficult to tell if they are using originals or domestic copies at any given time.

If I rely on the photos found on forums, it is usual, at Dam that the differences in color are huge, between proto and figures delivered … in this example the “green” is much too powerful compared to what it should be in “lowcamo” … they seem to correct the problem with their modification on the DEA version 78063.

The user photos on the right appear much greener than the actual product. In person the coloring is closer to the prototype photos. Usually the production fabric material is commissioned after the prototype photos unless it is a pre-existing pattern which can lead to some differences.Some of their patterns are pretty hit or miss, like their MTP which had way too much yellow cast to it.

I can second what @AdamC said. Just tried to take a pic of mine to prove but then realized that the pic on my phone won’t do the color any justice, as it turned out too dark greenish as well.